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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How does google react? Part1

I think I must share this experience with you. I have published a post on what google does not like the most. But suddenly I have noticed that in my front page no relevant adsense ads are displaying. But in other HTML pages other single post page, I am getting relevant adsense ads.I tried various methods but all in vein. There was no programming error from my end. I was in doubt. It was haunting me why it happened. The day before the post, I was getting good relevant adsense ads but then what happened today? . Perhaps google really does not like those words. I have just sent a mail to them to ask for the specific reason. I have contacted with one of my friend working in google to get an idea what might happen. According to him, googlebot /Media-partners googlebot(adsensebot) may have some automated filters(program generated and these are changed very often) on particular words/search terms and they can restrict displaying relevant ads over there. Apart from that, blogger itself has some bots who help googlebot/media-partner bot while crawling. And nobody can predict their nature, even blogger itself, as they themselves once banned one of their blog for spamming reason If there are no relevant ads to display, public service ads are served there. Then I crosschecked again with that particular post and found that unlike other HTML pages, this page is not showing any relevant ads. But all the other HTML pages are fine. But blogger has changed my robots.txt file to disallow search labels from crawling by googlebot, but not by mediapartnersbot(adsensebot). I know this happens with many people but it will not affect your search engine rank that way. Blogger has introduced this feature a few days back. So I have found that whatever I have written in that post, that really works. Google does not like negetive keywords. J I am just waiting for a reply from google and I ‘ll share that with you too. If you have such experience before, or if you want to enlighten us with more information, you can post here..

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Debajyoti Banerjee said...

Further update:Now the relevant adsense ads are displaying in my front page. The reason has been found. Google does not like any negative keywords.Since my post was on 'what google hates the most',so no relevant ads were shown there.So I hope this may be a good lesson for us :)