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Monday, October 1, 2007

Pure Bengali Chicken Rezala Recipe

Yesterday was Sunday and I had a great time-pass – I cooked one of my favorite dishes ‘Pure Bengali Chicken Rezala’. was delicious. I felt really happy when my friends appreciated the taste. So, I thought to share the pure bangla recipe of chicken rezala with you. You can also try it for a change of taste. Hope you like that too.Here is the recipe.

Chicken - 1whole, Onion - 4, Garlic paste - 3 teaspoons. Ginger paste - 2 teaspoons, Garam masala, Bay leaf - 2, Peppercorn - 10.
Keora water - ½ cup, Sour curd - 200 gms, Red chili - 8, White oil - 4 tablespoons, Ghee/butter - 2 teaspoons, Wheat flour - 1 tablespoon.
Salt according to taste.

Cut chicken into pieces. Add bay leaf, black peeper and garam masala to heated oil. Stir fry chicken pieces with the spices. When the water in chicken gets halfway dry add onion and garlic. Cook well. In the dried up chicken add a mixture of curd and flour. Add keora water. Steam the preparation with 2 cups of water in a
pressure cooker for 10 minutes. Heat ghee/butter in a serving spoon with red chili and add to the chicken. Serve hot.

For my pure veg friends, I will come up with another recipe soon and well, don’t forget to drop a comment after trying this pure Bengali chicken rezala at your home. J

Happy cooking....

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