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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The most hated on Internet

The most hated…. the most hated Internet words, the most hated content, the most hated people…. Hey! It sounds interesting na? Then have a look at the list below.

The most hated Internet words

According to a poll by British pollsters of YouGov , The ten most hated words on the Internet — based on a poll of 2,091 adults — reports the following words.

  1. folksonomy (I am in doubt on the popularity of this word, so a big question can it be the most hated? ;-) Check it out here if you don't know the meaning like me! :) )
  2. blogosphere (Funny to me!)
  3. blog (Then what the hell I am doing now!!!)
  4. netiquette
  5. blook
  6. webinar
  7. vlog
  8. social networking(Really?)
  9. cookie
  10. wiki (Oh my GOD!)

The most hated men on Internet

Michael Crook is a "griefer", someone who causes grief to others through harassment. In recent years, his websites have provoked unbridled rage throughout the Internet. His website is "".

Robert Soloway, the spam king,one of the world's most notorious senders of junk email, is another one.

Most hated web2.0 function

Snap preview is the most hated web 2.0 function.

The most hated online advertisement

Design Element

Users Answering
"Very Negatively"
or "Negatively"

Pops-up in front of your window


Loads slowly


Tries to trick you into clicking on it


Does not have a "Close" button


Covers what you are trying to see


Doesn't say what it is for


Moves content around


Occupies most of the page


Blinks on and off


Floats across the screen


Automatically plays sound


These numbers are based on 605 respondents in 2004; similar numbers were found in 2002 and 2003.

The most hated things on the web by google

What google thinks the most hated things on the web..

  1. Cilantro
  2. Brooklyn
  3. Starbucks
  4. Divorce
  5. Emo kids
  6. Clowns
  7. Cubicles
  8. SBC Yahoo
  9. Haggling
  10. Macs

So, what do you think? Do you agree? I know the list is still debatable because the world is not enough….


Anonymous said...

Some useful points to consider when designing a site (especially a blog ;-)

David G

Debajyoti Banerjee said...

Thanks David for the comment. Yes, I have also learned from this post. It is useful to build your strategy to design your blog or site :)

RennyBA said...

Actually a very interesting read and also educating. A lot of good advices to pick up for bloggers too - thanks for sharing!

darmaknox said...

Brooklyn?! Brooklyn?!
No way. I don't believe that anyone hates Brooklyn.
: )

FeelingFlirty said...

How can a blog be hated? There are more blogs than you could possibly count in a year so SOMEONE must like them. :)

Willem van Goisan said...

Well, another question could be:
What are the things that Google is the most curious about?
Hm, hm, it is possible to get quite al lot of 'mountain view' visitors if you happen to put the right words in your post and blog.
However if this kind of attraction happens someone is usually in dankger of ban and loosing all google links as I know personally.

Debajyoti Banerjee said...

Hi all, thank you for sharing your valuable comments here.

resonanteye said...

I'm only surprised that "music plays automatically" was only hated by 79%.