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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11 2001 or 9/11 or 911 or 9 11 01?

What’s the day today? Yes! September 11,2007.How do you remember this? By the name of 9/11,or 911 or September 11 2001? Today I had a hectic schedule in my office and while surfing the Internet I suddenly stopped by 9/11 pictures. Oh! God. It is terrible! It had taken me back on the day September 11 2001.

September 11 2001, a tragic day "when a series of coordinated terrorist suicide attacks by Islamic extremists, on that date, 9/11, upon the United States of America" occured. I remember that day when I got a call from one of my NRI friend and heard about the Twin Towers being destroyed as the "The tremendous force exploded the walls and entire structure out horizontally of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers.

And 9/11 has many names, and it's all so hot, that Google HotTrends has almost 25% of the trends about september 11, or the more precise date, of september 11 2001, or how we now refer to 9/11, as september 11th; 9 11, or 9/11.

I have seen the 9/11 poems that were written about september 11 2007 which tell most of the facts about what really happened (but not all of them), what really was done (9/11 facts) to US as a nation on 9/11/01 when the twin towers fell and there were so many 9/11 articles, all over the place with 9/11 pictures that we could not get enough of. But I don’t know what really happened or what is true, but I know what happened on that day was inhuman and very painful.

The Lessons of that day, or the september 11 lesson plans are full of 9/11 quotes, quotes about 9 11 or sept 11 are etched in my memory .My mind was heavy and depressing viewing the september 11 pictures including all the 9/11 myspace layouts which are full of details about the september 11 facts, and a 9/11 video, that is still haunting me!!

black plume of smoke covered the New York Sky , thousands of dead bodies, debris,I remembered how we all thought this was terrorism and how scary it all was and is.

remembering 9/11 is not a festival, we should pray for those innocent souls and we should unite together to fight against terrorism.

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