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Saturday, September 26, 2009

4 Powerful Tips For Writing Press Release - PR

A press release or PR is pseudo-news story, announcing the launch of a new web site/ product/ service written in third person, that seeks to demonstrate to an editor or reporter the newsworthiness of a particular person, event, service or product.

Press releases are one of the most powerful forms of advertising and marketing available to any company. An editorial feature in major magazines or newspapers can provide your business with tremendous exposure and recognition. Establishing contact with the media is vital to developing a major presence in the eyes of consumers and other businesses. Getting press and media attention is absolutely vital to your company's strength and success in the marketplace.

1) A CHANGE IN TARGET AUDIENCE : know your target audience

The first mistake commonly made is writing a press release with your business target audience in mind. Unlike advertising copy, which is written to appeal to your customer, a press release is written to appeal to a journalist. The journalist is not someone who is seeking to buy your product or service. A journalist is looking to fill a news need. When writing a press release, you must meet that need by filling the reporter's requirements. Rather than answering the question, "What's in it for me", answer the question, "Why would ABC magazine's readers care"?
The headline also takes on a new focus. Rather than using a headline proclaiming the benefits of your product, use a headline that proclaims its newsworthiness.


This means:
-Being able to separate real news about your company from promotional stuff.
-Being able to deliver a sharp story angle that will be of real interest to the news reading or viewing public
Being able to deliver this angle in a professional, courteous way.


A reporter hardly will have time to read long exaggerated facts . A long release do not have much of a chance in grabbing the reporters attention . Stick to the facts , state the benefits and get out of it


One common error is submitting a press release without first reading the publication.
It is virtually impossible to provide timely, news-oriented information to a site or magazine if you have no idea what interests their readers have.
Do a little homework before submitting. Visit the Web and look at the stories the site offers. Buy a copy of the magazine or newspaper and review the common interests of its readers.
By understanding what the publication is looking for, you will be able to fulfill the need and thus get a much better response from your press release.

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