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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Birthday Flowers E cards, Birthday Flower Wishes, November Birthday Flowers, Chrysanthemum Month

Flowers can speak the language of the heart beautifully. So when it's your loved one's Birthday there couldn't be a better way of expressing yourself other than with these warm and beautiful Birthday ecards. there can be various types of birthday flowers e cards, birthday flowers greetings, birthday flowers wishes and birthday flower cards.

Floral Wish For Ya!
Happiness Unfolds!
A Beautiful Birthday Wish!
Birthday Thoughts...
Birthday Flower Cake!
A Wonderful Birthday!
Special Birthday Flowers!
A Special Birthday Bloom!
A Special Birthday Bouquet!
Roses To Say... 'Happy Birthday'!
Flower Candle Wish!
A Milestone Birthday Wish!
Flower Candle Wish!
Flowers For Birthday!
A Birthday Wish!
Birthday Blossoms!

The language of flowers thus evolved when a message was assigned to a specific flower such as a violet. Now with the help of flowers lovers could send hidden romantic messages.

November Birthday Flowers

The chrysanthemum is the November birth flower, which means with love and cheerfulness. The hidden meaning of this beautiful flower is you’re a wonderful friend.It's Chrysanthemum Month ! Time for you to celebrate the beauty and splendor of the charming flowers. Spread the colors of the flowers in the lives of your dear ones by sending them our lovely ecards.

The chrysanthemum is available in the following colors:

* Red
* White
* Pink
* Orange
* Mauve
* Yellow

November birth month flower

* The chrysanthemum is also known as the mum.
* The term chrysanthemum is adapted from the Greek words chrysos which means gold and anthos meaning flower.
* According to Feng Shui, this flower is believed to bring happiness and laughter to the home.
* Chu-Hsien which means chrysanthemum city was the name that was given to an ancient Chinese city.

Birthday Flowers Cards Birthday Flowers Cards Birthday Flowers Cards
Birthday Flowers Cards Birthday Flowers Cards Birthday Flowers Cards

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