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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's A Halloween Horror Night, Halloween Horror Nights 2008, Reflection Of Fear, Bloody Mary

Halloween Horror Nights is a Halloween event presented annually at the Universal Orlando Resort. Beginning in 1991 in Universal Studios Florida with only one haunted house, it has continued annually for 18 years to become one of the largest Halloween events in the United States. In its later years the event has split time between its original park and the more recently built Islands of Adventure. Universal's design team has created five original icons for the event and have also used many of the Universal Monsters. Recently, they made a deal with New Line Cinema to bring more recent horror icons to the event.

Reflections of Fear(I Dare You to Say it One More Time...) in 2008, Bloody Mary's own haunted house, where guests step through the mirror and into her world.

Scary Halloween Cards

It's A Halloween Horror Night

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