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Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Pranks, 5 Funny Halloween Pranks, Halloween Jokes

Halloween is less than 10 days out! For most people, this means cool creepy Halloween decorations, candy, scary movies, and an excessive amount of children and pumpkins.

But to many, it is just the excuse needed to pull some great Halloween pranks on friends, and get away with it. Before we move on, we must tell you that some of the following pranks can severely frighten someone, so really take the victim of the prank into consideration before you do any of these. The elderly, young children, pregnant women, people with heart problems, people with disabilities, people that are at extreme risk of suffering a serious injury during a fall, people much larger than you, violent people, fighting or martial arts experts, and people that are armed, are all considered very, very bad choices to pull these Halloween gags on.

Without further ado, here are 5 funny, and probably unethical, pranks to pull this Halloween.

#5 – Hide In The Fridge
Ok, so the first few pranks aren’t THAT bad. For this one, you will need access to someone’s home, so this is a good one to pull on someone you live with, or a very close friend. You will also need to be sure that the person will be going to the fridge soon, which is without a doubt the hardest part of this prank.

The best way to do this is to have someone that is close to your friend call them and say something like “Hey, will you do me a favor and look in the fridge to see if I left ‘whatever’ in there?”, or, have another person in on the prank with you simply ask the victim to grab them something from the fridge.

Now, preparation for the trick is usually quite easy. Simply empty out the refrigerator, and obviously hide the contents out of sight somewhere. Then, pull the shelving out of the fridge, and any drawers that may be at the bottom. Now, we also recommend unscrewing the light bulb that is inside the fridge, as well as making sure the kitchen and surrounding lights are off, as this will increase the effectiveness of the prank.

Now, just crawl on in, close the door, and wait. Once the victim opens the door, you need to scream as loud as you possibly can, and jump out towards them. If you really want them to freak out, wear a scary mask.

#4 – Shower Surprise
I have personally witnessed this prank, and let me just say, it is hilarious. You need to first find a place that has a tub/shower that is near the toilet in the bathroom. You also need to be sure that anyone that may use the bathroom is someone you know very well, as if you were to pull this prank on someone you don’t know, you could very likely go to jail.

Aside from the above, the execution of this one is very simple. Hide in the shower, and when someone comes in and begins using the bathroom, pop out with a fierce and frightening scream. Whoever this prank is pulled on is likely to start running before their brain can process what is going on and tell them to first “stop” going to the bathroom. This is a pretty sick, mean prank, but hey, boring pranks are for boring websites, and we aren’t one of them.

#3 – Backseat Killer
Ok, this one is pretty mean (just wait until you see the top two), but just like the above prank, I have seen this one in person on numerous occasions, and it never fails to be hilarious. This prank is great to play on a roommate or close friend!

First, you need access to their car, which will hopefully be a car with a back seat, or a 4 door truck, as a 2 seater vehicle just doesn’t work here. So, go ahead and find the keys and unlock the car, and then be sure to put the keys back where you found them.

Now, if you really want this one to be memorable, go ahead and put on a black jacket, but be sure it isn’t something you are commonly seen wearing, otherwise you will be more easily recognizable, and the victim won’t freak out as much. To top it off, a black ski mask, which can be found for a few dollars at any sporting goods store, will really make them jump.

Once nightfall comes, go out to the victim’s car and hop in. Be sure to lock the door behind you, unless they never lock the door, or it was unlocked prior to you unlocking it or getting in. Now, wearing completely black clothing will help keep you hidden, so it is highly suggested. What you want to do here is make sure there is no garbage or personal belongings that will make noise when you move around. If there is, just move it out of the way. Now, lie down on the back seat, but try to keep your feet in the center of the vehicle as much as possible.

Once the victim gets in the vehicle, wait for them to get situated and comfortable. Then, as quietly as possible, sit up prominently in the center of the back seat, and scoot yourself forward so your body is positioned just behind the backs of the front seats. When the poor victim looks in the rear view mirror, they will freak out, to say the least. I would suggest keeping your hands on the backs of the front seats, as most people’s reaction is to immediately slam on the brakes as hard as possible, which really sucks for you when you aren’t holding on to something!

#2 – Serial Killer
Ok, we are down to the last two. Now, to be honest, we wanted to list more pranks on here, but these are some of the absolute best, and we simply don’t know of any pranks that are more screwed up and downright wrong and terrifying than these last two.

First of all, you really need to consider who you pull this one on. If you plan on doing it to someone, really think it through first. You have been warned. Once you choose your Halloween victim, you need to figure out where the circuit breaker box is within their home. It is usually found on the outside wall of the home, or in a closet. In the circuit breaker, there will be a main switch that will kill power to the entire home, make sure you know where this switch is.

Get dressed up. Don’t go too crazy with a costume, but look scary, and look serious. Now, if the switch is inside the house, simply wait until the victim is in another part of the home, then switch the breaker, and stand right inside the door, and wait…

If the switch is on the outside of the house, you can either have a friend flip the switch for you, or, you can flip the switch and then stand right on the other side of whichever door would lead from the house to the switch. In either case, the victim will nearly bump right into you, and when they do so, they will experience fear that is like no other. This is likely to ruin friendships, and give the victim nightmares for weeks to come.

#1 – Death
Last, but definitely not least, this prank is just downright wrong. The emotions that you will instill in the victim are usually unrecoverable. This will likely make someone hate you if done correctly, so be careful.
This one is best performed in your own home, as you won’t seem out of place or anything. You will usually prepare for a few hours before pulling the prank, and then you will have a specific time for your victim to arrive at your house. You will need them to walk in, so be sure to say something like “Ok, just walk in when you get here, I’ll leave the door unlocked” when you talk to them.

Preparing the scene takes some work. What you want to do is make a certain area of your home look like an actual murder or suicide (the choice is up to you) has occurred, with you being the victim. Because it is Halloween, you can get all of the stuff you need from a local Halloween or costume store. Get plenty of fake blood, and make sure you get the expensive stuff, as it looks much more realistic, and you can usually find a large bottle, which you will need. You should also get some fake wound material, which is usually just silicone and some make-up for effects.

If you need some ideas on making fake wounds that look real, go scour YouTube, and search for something like “special effects makeup”. You can usually get some very good how-to videos, and then you will be on your way to the most horrific prank you’ve ever pulled. Now, personally, I would do this prank in either the kitchen or bathroom area, as they are likely to have hard flooring which won’t stain. Remember, there will be lots of fake blood everywhere, so carpet and drapery are bad.

Now that you have your makeup done, your fake founds, and your clothing of choice, go ahead and prepare the actual area you are going to be “dead” in. Start by taking some of the fake blood and lightly drizzle it onto nearby surfaces, including walls, appliances, counter tops, etc. If you would like to add to the realism, you can take a straw and dip it in the bottle of fake blood, then place your finger tightly at the top of the straw and remove it. This will keep the straw full of fake blood, and then you can place it in your mouth and blow in one hard and fast motion, like a sneeze, to create a “spray and spatter” effect.

Next, rub some fake blood on your hand, and find a surface near where your “body” will be, and go ahead and place your hand flat on the surface, then slide it in a downward motion. Finally, strategically cover yourself in fake blood, and then create a good puddle on the floor. Place your murder weapon of choice, whether it be a knife, a gun, or a baseball bat, nearby, and be sure to cover it in blood. If you choose to use a blunt object, such as a bad, stick, brick, etc., then be sure to put a good amount of fake blood on your head and face, and it also never hurts to find some hair, whether real or fake, and rub it in the blood that is on the blunt object.

The horror is in the details.

I would go on to explain what your victims reaction would be once they walked in your home, but I feel bad for them already, so you can use your imagination.

This is truly one of the sickest, most horrifying pranks ever. But then again, isn’t that the point?

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