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Thursday, October 25, 2007

blogger hacks bible - tips,tricks and hacks for new bloggers

This is a compiled list of very useful blogger hack resources from the universe. I know this is a pretty long post but I believe it will help you to get all the tips, tricks and hacks in one place at a time.Your free one-stop-shop for all blogging needs.

Blogger hacks resources

Increase your subscriber count using feedburner redirection

Hacks broken again: here's the fix

Special effects for Peekaboo posts!

Did your navbar re-appear suddenly?

Installing Neo template in your blog

Create drop-down menus easily

Selective Expandable posts

Customizable recent comments widget (using JSON feed)

Random message widget (no Edit HTML!)

Peekaboo comments and Random banner hack

Author comment highlighting and notification

Hacked templates with 3 columns, Peekaboo posts

Displaying recent comments in sidebar

Blogger hack: Expandable posts with Peekaboo view

Tweak your label tabs

Hoctro's tabbed label pages

Peek-A-Boo view of posts in label/archive pages

How to control the number of posts in label pages

Multi-style labels widget for Blogger Beta and Digg hotlinks for your Beta blog

Latest Posts display in sidebar

3-column templates for new Blogger

New hack to improve your label/archive pages

Drop-down labels - First blogger beta template hack!

Official blogger help tips

Manage Your Account

Logging In



Privacy and Security

Customize Your Blog


Classic Templates

Custom Domains

Add Ons

Share Your Blog

Team Blogs, Authors, and Readers

Feeds and Syndication

Comments and Backlinks

Publish and Archive

Posting & Editing



FTP Publishing

Blogging on the Go

Mail to Blogger

Blogger Mobile


Multi-Media Blogging



Useful blogger hack

Hacks Wiki Update

Widgets on Main / Archive / Label Pages

BloggerHacks Wiki Hack Requests

Blogger Beta Hack Round-Up 2

Moving a Blog to a different account.

Javascript in Blogger Posts

Beta Feeds and Your Subscribers

Recent Posts & Comments on Main Page Only

Sharing Code in Beta

Comment Count in Beta

Commenting between Blogger versions is fixed

Social Bookmarking Icons for your Beta Blog

Blogger Beta Hack Round Up

Beta Label URL's now Microformat Compliant

Blogger Help Gets Juicy

Formatting Labels in Beta

Beta HTML Template Editor is Live

Raise the Profile of the Beta Search Box

Blogger Beta Feed URL's

Get Blogger Beta Labels without Layouts! -

Blogger tweaks

How do I?

Feed Gadget for Vista Sidebar
Beyond the 100 posts limit
BlogToC Widget Released
Picasa Album Widget
Custom Search Engine
Embed Powerpoint in Your Blog
Get the New BlogToc Hack!
Visit the Knowledge Base!
Member Fonts and Colors on Team Blogs
Recent Posts Widgets In Many Languages
Recent Posts Widget Improved
Beautiful Beta Wiki Launched Today
What's Up Here
Recent Comments Messed Up
Post Update Trick
Recent Comments Widget Updated
New Blogger Template - The Hobbit
Playing with the Feed Links
Adding a favicon to your blog
Displaying code inside a post
Customizable Widget Installer Tutorial
Creating a Widget Installer
Recent Comments Widget Updated!
Adding Google Bookmarks to your Bookmarks Bar
Google Maps Tutorial
Recent Posts Widget for FTP Blogs
Style Switcher
Blogger Beta Templates
Google Analytics Conversion Funnel
Google Analytics
All Feeds by Feedburner
Recent Posts Widget Updated!
Beautiful Beta spans the globe
Click-n-Go Widget Installer
A Simple Search Widget
Widget Installation and Downloads Page
Delving into JSON feeds
Customizable Recent Posts Widget
Customizable Recent Comments Widget
New Recent Comments Hack
Weather Report Widget
FTP publishing now works in Blogger Beta
Poll Closed
A simple Photo Album
Using a Lightbox
Adding a second sidebar to your Blog - part 2
Windows Live Writer
Table of Contents
Adding a menubar to your Blog
Random Rotating Banners
Whish List
Bug List
Magazine Style Drop Caps
Cool Tool
Designing Templates Tutorial
Sticky Posts (no longer sticky, this one)
Blog Navigation: Top of Page and Top of Post
Pullquotes for your Blog
Pushbutton-style images and links
Social Bookmarking Revisited
Enhanced Blog Interactivity Using Polls
Improved Super Peek-A-Boo Post
New 3-column, fluid, peek-a-boo template
Non-Beta Super Peek-A-Boo Posts (improved)
Super Peek-A-Boo Posts
This post has no summary
Backlinks bug ?
Hot Hacks
Hacks and Bugs
Collapsable Posts
Added a Favicon to my Blog
Showing favorite Blogs in new window
RSS-feed online now
Showing number of backlinks on footer
Last Visit Message
Adding a tooltip to your labels-links
More hacking into the comments line
Working around the "1 comments" bug
Adding a Message Board to your Blog
More Beta Bugs
Editor Bugs
Changing the Color Scheme
Adding a second sidebar to your template
Page Layout in Blogger Beta
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Office 2007 File Attachment Previewers

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Will my software run in Windows Vista ?

Acrobat 8 PDFMaker won't work with Office 2007

Office box packaging screenshots

Other blogger hack resources

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1 comment:

arahman7 said...

Wow, great job, Raja. Thank you for compiling all useful informations in one place. So now I know where to look whenever I'm stuck with something.

Keep it up, Raja.

Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.