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Monday, September 10, 2007

How to optimize your blog and earn money from your blog?

Today, I have thought to share my personal experience on internet marketing and search engine optimization. I have a good number of friends who are in the same field for years and some of them are directly involved in researching on google search engine algorithm. Always remember to make your blog google friendly.If you are writing something creatively and spending your time for joy of writing the blog, you obviously expect to have a good number of readers,otherwise what’s the need of writing a blog?Blog means to share your thought with others. So traffic is a vital thing for bloggers.And if you have got traffic, then why are you not taking a chance to make money from blog?It makes you feel happy as a reward of your hard work. Lots of opportunities are there today to make some money from blog. It needs time and hard work but it is doable.

Here are some of my tips:

· Choose blogger domain. It is not necessary to choose a keyword based domain but if your blog is focused on one specific topic, you can do so. Otherwise choose a short and easy name that can be easily remembered by users.

· Utilize all the options in blogger account specially the settings option in your blogger account. Try to choose a simple layout rather than a complex one.Google likes the blogger template than any other templates.Do lots of experiment with settings before posting a new entry.

· Try to choose some free content (news, videos, greetings, jokes, finance) that are automatically updated on daily basis.

· Always choose a short title for your post. Try to write your own post as google likes original content.

· Search on overture inventory, google external keyword selector,google trends, and google analytics for the keywords for your specific post. Try to use those keywords trickily in your post but be careful to hold the interest of your readers.

· Join various blogger communities such as technorati, mybloglog,myspace and forum such as blogger forum and use your blog url in your signature. Do not spam in forum with over marketing, your IP will be banned permanently.

· Submit your blog to different blog directories, open directories like dmoz and search engines(you can use blog search engines.

· Join social networking sites(myspace,orkut) and add your blog url in your profile.

· Use feedburner to burn your feeds and to get full statistics for further analysis.Put subscription link in your blog for your readers.

· Verify your site by joining google Webmaster tool and create a site map. For bloggers, site map is nothing but the default XML or RSS feed in blogger.Please read here

· When you are using any IM, set up your status message with the name of your blog

· While joining any community always try to give your full profile with a photo as it shows originality. Profile pages are also crawled by search engines.Keep your blog URL in your profile.

· Join more communities in a network and send an interesting broadcast message to every community members.

· Try to get some inbound links for your blog. If you are really unlucky to get inbound links, there are ways also. Create some other support blogs by your own in different domains and post some content on those and put links of your main blog there.It will help you to get authority on your blog in Technorati too.

· Join myspace and exchange links with relevant blogs there.

· Be patient. Post regularly. Keep an eye on latest happening on Internet and try to enlighten your readers.

· Add a meta description and meta keyword in your blog.You can easily do it from blogger account by editing the HTML.

· Always put labels in your post. Labels should be your target keywords.

· Always try to leave comments and messages to other’s blogs.

· Try to read other’s blogs too to get some ideas.

· Ping technorati or for latest update on your blog.

· Make all those above points a regular practice.

Now, how to make money from your blog?

· Join google adsense. Place your google ad in a good position. You can opt for inline ads, which is a better option. Use 'blend' pattern for your ads if it is inline otherwise use 'match'

· Join contextual advertising and text link ad program.

· Join free affiliate programs(Adbrite, TLA,Adverlets)

· You can find different affiliate programs here in my blog.

· Be patient, if you are new, keep posting and follow those tips described above in my blog. You will definitely get result in due time. I bet.

For more details,please read here

I think I have written a pretty long post this time. This is a vast topic and there are many more tips. If you like my post, please leave me a comment. I may then come up with some more posts on this topic.

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