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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sage Green Announces a Rebate Promotion for Select Marvalous Clary Sage Oil Omega-3

The chief executive officer of Sage Green, a health and wellness company based out of California, announced its current promotion for a select group of their omega-3 and vitamins nutritional supplements. 

The promotional has already launched on the Sage Green website. It is a rebate promotion for their following products: 
- Marvalous Clary Sage Oil Omega 3 - the only non-oxidizing [stable] and 100% pure organic plant-based omega 3 with up to 55% ALA Fatty Acids, as well as Q10, Vitamin E, Omega 9 and over 100 other natural minerals and vitamins. 
- Marvalous Multivitamin 24/7 
- Marvalous Calcium 
- Marvalous Fiber Must 
- Marvalous Attract 
- Marvalous Winner 

All details and ingredients are specified on the site. All Sage Green products are FDA approved. 

The rebate promotion is for a $30 rebate coupon for every order over $250 and also a $10 rebate coupon for every order over $100. 

The supplements that Sage Green offers are some of the best in the market. According to Erica Stevenson, a Sage Green customer, Clary Sage Omega 3 has saved the day for me. For over a year I was suffering from mood swings, depression, and inability to concentrate at work and home, and general poor mental health. I got the idea of Clary Sage from a friend at work and never looked back,” stated Stevenson. 

Additionally, Stevenson noted the Sage Green supplements have brought her back to being upbeat, motivated, and a simply happy person once again. Now, with Sage Green offering a rebate on orders of a certain amount, customers who have been considering trying out Sage Green product or consumers who are seeking to have an improved overall health outlook can try the company’s products, especially their highly recommended Marvalous Clary Sage Omega 3

Marvalous Clary Sage Oil Testimonials

The Sage Green slogan is that they are “your green path to a healthy future.” This slogan and mission, has helped numerous customers lead lives that have put them on the path to their healthy future. Step into a new future; take advantage of the sage Green rebate promotional offer.