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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Online Income Tax Return Filing In India

The taxation services was considered to be most traditional service and least expected to take online route, at least in India. The Individuals used to take leave of 1 or 2 days from their work, just to take care of their taxation. They used to get tired visiting local tax consultants to get their return filed. At times, some individuals even used to miss filing their return of income as they were too busy to take leave from their work and visit these tax consultants.

But, the surge of the online medium in the last decade as the platform for rendering services is slowly but surely taking place of traditional age old tax consultants. The government had introduced the system of online return filing in the year 2006 and since then quite a number of websites have started providing services for return filing. The return filing experience on these sites is very complicated and tiring, as the users have to virtually punch in all the details of their income. Another thing to note about these sites is that there is lack of support and one to one attention given to individuals, and as a result of which individuals end up filing their return of income incorrectly.

Alok Patnia, a qualified chartered accountant quit his job with a global accounting and taxation firm and started ‘’. The experienced team of ' 'consists of CAs and other taxation experts. '' offer complete taxation solutions to individuals, which includes (Preparation and filing of return of income, solutions to all tax issues and assistance in best tax planning based on your needs).

They also offer, bulk filing of return of income (helpful for groups, CA/ Tax Professionals), assistance in allotment/ Correction/ Surrender of PAN number, issuance of Digital signature certificates and also maintenance of books of accounts.

At ‘’, they look to help the individuals in solving all their tax issues and thereby relieve them from their day to day tax worries. Further, the quality is never compromised and which makes the visitors happy, and they look to come again. You can anytime ask a tax related query on their site, which is absolutely free and you'll get a personalized answer with special care very soon from them.

I would personally recommend everyone who are serious about solving their tax issues on a fly, to come and contact for solving all tax worries!

Guest Post By - Dr. D Bhattacharya [Prof. CNMC, Kolkata]

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