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Thursday, May 27, 2010

HeartCare Center Kuala Lampur, Best Healthcare center Kuala Lampur, KLHC Malaysia

A few weeks back one of my friend in Kuala Lampur asked me if I know the best healthcare center in Kuala Lampur, specially the heartcare medical units in Kuala lampur. His mom was suffering from some heart related problem and he was in need for a reliable heartcare center in Kuala lampur. He was also new there.

Since I am not from health care and medical industry , I was clueless initially. But Since I love Googling and I am quite net savvy, I immediately started searching for the healthcare centers and heartcare centers in Kuala Lampur and I got a good number of heartcare units there.

But it is bit difficult to know which one is the best heartcare center in Kualampur without knowing the real user reviews. Luckily I recalled one of my relative who is working in heartcare industry and a frequent flyer to Malaysia for business trips. He suggested me KLHC (Kuala lampur heartcare center) is a reliable heartcare center in Kuala lampur. He himself has availed their service and he is happy with Kuala lampur healthcare center.

KL Heartcare is located within the most strategic location in Malaysia. It is a specialist heartcare and healthcare clinic in Kuala Lampur. They have qualified medical, scientific, and support staff and above all a nice quality service. Kuala Lampur heart care center has excellent facilities such as parking, lounge, VVIP lounge, stress test room, CT Scan room, X-ray room, Mammogram room etc.

This heart care and healthcare center in Kuala Lampur has five heartcare packages named Essential, Lifestyle, Premier, Avant Garde and Women's Wellness. This heart care center mostly deals with the following services -

- Complete Medical Examination
- Personal Medical History
- Height / Weight / Waist Circumference
- Body Mass Index
- Visual Acuity & Colour Vision
- Blood Analysis
Haematological Profile (FBC)
Blood Group & Rh Factor
Liver Diseases
Kidney Diseases
Full Cholesterol Pro file
Uric Acid
Thyroid Function (free T4 and TSH)
Hepatitis B Screening
Rheumatoid Factor
Veneral Disease Screening (Syphilis)
Cancer (CEA, AFP)
Cancer (PSA - men)
Cancer (CA 19-9, EBV)
Apolipoprotein A and B, Homocysteine, HS CRP, Microalbumin
Hepatitis A Screening
- Stool Analysis
- Urine Analysis (FEME)
- Pap Smear (Ladies only)
- Diagnostic Imaging
Chest X-Ray
64 Slice MSCT Calcium Scoring (Men & Ladies)
64 Slice MSCT Head and Neck Scan
Mammogram / Breast Ultrasound (Ladies only)
Ultrasound Abdomen / Pelvis
- Lung Function Test
- Echo Cardiogram
- 12-Lead Resting Electrocardiogram
- Exercise Treadmill
- Health Report & Counselling
- 64 Slice MDCT Cardiac Angiography

If you are searching for heartcare centers in Kuala Lampur, then Kuala Lampur heartcare (KLHC) is obviously a right choice for health screening and preventive medicines. For further details, check Kuala Lampur HeartCare center website here -

Posted by guest blogger - Asitava Dalal

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