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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PHP Charts - FusionCharts PHP Chart, Pie Chart PHP, Free PHP Chart, PHP Flash Chart, PHP Bar Chart, PHP Line Chart, PHP Charting

If you are a PHP developer and if you are searching for easy to use and stunning PHP charts, then I can strongly suggest you a name FusionCharts in PHP charting. As an amateur PHP developer I was once searching for an excellent PHP chart that I can use in my analytics application.

I searched a lot with these keywords "PHP Chart, Pie Chart PHP, Free PHP Chart, PHP Flash Chart, PHP Bar Chart, PHP Line Chart, PHP Charting" and found various sites that are offering PHP charts but ultimately experimenting with almost all of those, I came to a conclusion to vote for FusionCharts. It's the best PHP Charts I have seen. I have used FusionCharts v3 evaluation , FusionCharts Free version and FusionCharts v3 and it is worthy buying their licenses

Previously I had faced those common problems as almost everybody faces in Charts and data visualization . I was thinking of something new rather than using those boring image charts and complex tables we normally see in Excel. But when I used FusionCharts, I have seen cross platform charts (so if a part of your app is in ASP, part in PHP, FusionCharts still looks the same), interactive, low server load and variety. It's awesome.

It has everything you need. It provides you a complete reporting experience with features like drill-down, one-click chart export and full AJAX support. With an easy-to-use PHP API and lots of code samples, it makes chart generation a breeze.

If you still think that you don't need visual effects in your charts, then also FusionCharts advantage is that it supports basic colors plus it supports advance features like export to CSV, export to image/PDF etc.

So if you are a web developer (any technology - ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP or whatever) or desktop application developer or Business/non developer user FusionCharts suits to everybody.

For PHP Charts, you can visit FusionCharts PHP Chart

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