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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

30+ most popular Infographics, Data Visualization and Charting blogs

I have compiled here a list of most popular data visualization and infographics blogs. If you think you know some other good data visualization and infographics blogs, please feel free to drop here a comment with the links of the data visualization and infographics blogs.

Popular Infographics & Data Visualization Blogs

1) Information is beautiful

2) Visual Complexity

3) Flowing data

4) This is indexed

5) Cool infographics

6) Chart Porn

7) Eager eyes

8) Simple complexity

9) Data visualization

10) Well formed data

11) Sankey Diagrams

12) Carto Grammer

13) Wall Stats

14) Accuracy and Aesthetics

15) iGraphics Explained

16) Junk Charts

17) Many Eyes

18) Juice Analytics

19) Good

20) Swivel

21) As Map

22) Visualization Magazine

23) Infosthetics

24) Edward Tufte

25) Prefuse

26) Charts Bin

27) Infographiker

28) Excel Charts

29) Six revisions

30) Graph Jam

31) Presentation Zen

32) Strange Maps

33) Fusion Charts

34) Am Charts

35) Any Chart

36) PTS Blog

37) Open Flash Chart

Picture source - FusionCharts

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