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Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to encourage healthy food habits in kids, Tips to grow healthy eating habits in kids

A healthy food habit and a healthy eating habit is very essential for a healthy lifestyle and childhood is the best time to start practicing a healthy food habit. So every parents should encourage healthy food habits in their kids.

Charity they say begins at home, so does health and happiness. If we carefully observe then we will find that a majority of problem that plagues our day to day life are some how connected to our eradicate lifestyle and eating disorders. In our futile attempt to catch up with the rat race we often don’t hesitate to compromise on our quality of life. This compromise can prove to be very harmful in the long run. Even kids and teenagers are reportedly having diabetes and cardiac arrest barely a few years after their birth.

It is obvious that pondering over such shocking facts won’t really help. What we need to do is to nip the problem of an unhealthy life style in its bud. The best way to do this is to inculcate good eating habits among kids at an early age.

Kids often learn from what they see and it is entirely the parent’s responsibility to be good role models for them. If the parents follow a good lifestyle, eat healthy good and maintain a disciplined life, kids no doubt will feel inspired to follow them. However just following a good life style is not enough; parents also should adequately educate their little ones about the good and bad effects of the food that they consume everyday. This will only help the child to become health conscious, and we all know that an enlightened soul can decide for them what is good and bad for them.

Along with a good lifestyle parents should pay attention to discipline and etiquette. Table manners and proper discipline is also an important part of instilling healthy habits among kids. Peaceful atmosphere and enjoyable conversation s always helps to brighten up the mood of the table.

Kids are generally known to be very fussy with foods and this can often get very irritating. In such a situation maintaing a mid level position is the safest bet. Giving into the kids demand every time will defeat the purpose while turning a deaf ear to the kid’s wishes can invite negative response and in-co-operative behavior from them. The solution to the problem lies in actually maintaining variety in the food that is served. Variety they say is the spice of lie and surely it can go along way to spice up the dinning table for sure. Kids should be encouraged to have their meals along with all the members of the family. This strengthens bonds of family ties and helps to spread the feeling of oneness and compassion.

Allowing the kids to participate in the dinner planning encourages them to take interest in food that is being cooked in the house. Kids feel important when their opinions are asked and when they are made to accompany parents in weekend shopping. It is a serious misconception that restaurants and cafes only serve junk food , often restaurants serves healthy meals , so when dinning out children should be made aware about the cuisines that can actually be delicious and healthy at the same time . Developing a healthy food habit and discipline is not an overnight affair and requires proper discipline, practice and education both for the parents and kids alike.

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