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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Short love poems, Short love poetry, Short love rhymes

Short love poems can be send to those who does not like to read long poems. Short love poems are great means to convey your love to someone special in your life. These love poems are short and precise and easy to read and make the person understand how much deeply you love him or her. Here are some beautiful short love poems to choose from.

Short love poem
by C.S. Bucknam

When all the songs are over
and all the words been said
The sun grows dim across the sky
and the world prepares for bed

I oft can take a moment now
to view the sky above
and whisper God a simple prayer
to thank him for your love.

Run Away
by Silentx Thoughtz

Run away with me
For you are my one true love.
Let's go where we can be together
And stay that way forever.

Love - what is love
A poem by Robert Louis Stevenson

To friends at home, the lone, the admired, the lost
The gracious old, the lovely young, to May
The fair, December the beloved,
These from my blue horizon and green isles,
These from this pinnacle of distances I,
The unforgetful, dedicate.

by Gary R. Hess

Today I went to class
I did nothing but stare and wonder
About all my toil and timber

I thought about what you did to me
I thought about how it came to be
I felt so lonely at the time
I felt like I didn't have a dime

Now I'm musing what to do
Knowing I will always think of you.

When We Danced
Short poems by Gladys Hurano

Soft gentle stare
Warm tender touch
You took my hand
And we danced

Arms around me
Light dragging moves
Cheek warm against mine
Breathing deep from the soul

Long have I searched
Finally I have found
When you took my hand
And we danced.

The Sick Rose
by William Blake

O Rose thou art sick.
The invisible worm.
That flies in the night
In the howling storm:

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

My Prince
by Dixiedaisy

Tis the day of Valentine,
Hearts beckon "please be mine"
Flowers on the clinging vine,
Loves embrace we intertwine,

Roses adorn the room decor,
Candles flicker in the eyes adored,
Velvet touches your hands explore,
My love you'll be forever more.

Me and You
by Jessa

The miles are many,
The visits are few,
but when you see the sun set think of me and you.

I Want.........
I want somewho will never leave my side.

I want someone who will say "I love you" and mean it.

I want someone who will watch a Friday night movie w/me.

I want someone who will put me in a happy mood when I'm in a bad one.

I want someone who will hold me when I'm scared.

I want someone who will give me there jacket when I'm cold.


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