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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Indian Contemporary Art, Contemporary Indian Art, Indian Contemporary Art Information

Indian Contemporary Art in India has been prevalent from classical times in the traditional manner. The palace of the kings were decorated with urns, vases, wall murals and other Indian contemporary art facts as the community then was chiefly comprised of classes segregated as per job profile. The caste system was prevalent then but the community was organized and hence they retained the true Indian contemporary art forms. Embroidery works of Indian contemporary art is very famous and goes from fine embroidery to the ones existing in the Indian wedding ensembles.

Paintings range in the area from Madhubani, Tanjore, Warli art and Batik art. Fabric painting in the tie and dye pattern is still found in Gujarat and certain parts of Rajasthan. The Patachitra Indian contemporary art of Orrissa is a great marvel and is a detailed process where in the making of the canvas it is an ordeal of five days. Tribal Indian contemporary art is related to wood work, interesting decorative items made with branches and twigs.

Indian contemporary art is also related to the fine art category. There are still people and the village folk who have maintained the traditional of song and dance which has transcended from generations. The true worth of our tradition is in our villages and farm lands that speak about Indian contemporary art culture. Of late there are many Indian contemporary art forms of jewelry and embroidery making that is getting extinct. This could be because many families are not interested in carrying the Indian contemporary art work and also that the patronage is not encouraging.

There are various types of dance forms in India. This belongs to categories like
Bharat Natyam, Oddissi, Manipuri and other traditional forms like Lavani, Garba raas and Kaykotti kali from Kuala. Most of the dance forms talk about a particular festival or show a style that is typical in its format. Prehistoric rock and cave Indian contemporary art can be seen in Khajuraho and Ajanta-Ellora caves. The recent modern art have changed the contemporary look which is also well blended in the Indian contemporary art style.

Earrings and lacquer work is also famous in India. The craftsmen are unique in their creation and it is a great marvel to watch them complete their work in a limited span of time. Beaded jewelry is also a major Indian contemporary art work of India. Charcoal paintings and other Indian style of scenic painting on straw is another piece of Indian contemporary art.

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