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Saturday, September 26, 2009

12 Killer Article Marketing Tips

Powerful article marketing tips:

Article writing is an art and so is the article marketing. If you can write, you can drive unbelievable traffic to your website by powerful article marketing. If you have a website or blog or an affiliate product to promote, article marketing is the best powerful way to promote them online. Here I am trying to jot down the best powerful article marketing tips in brief.

1) Start with great ideas but when you have a writer's block, you can't write. To remove writer's block, get the story ideas by surveys or go blog hopping or use your own blog as a content source or explore article directories to get different dazzling ideas on topics. Start with something that people might be interested to read on further.
2) Register in different article directories as writer. The best article directories are:
3) Make 5 copies of unique version of the same article or write 5 new articles for 5 of the article directories each. Both are valid and powerful for article marketing.
4) Article should contain information. More the information more the cance to draw huge traffic.
5) Keep it simple stupid (KISS). Use proper format. Use paragraphs, bullet to make your article readable and short. Make the author resource box utilized fully.
6) Make the title of the article unique, meaningful and interesting so that reader's benefit is highlighted in those articles.
7) Use auto responders for your articles.
8) Republish your own published article in your blog with the link back to the article site.
9) Use RSS feeds. Place your articles in RSS feeds and see it spreading like hot cake.
10) Use affiliates if you have them. Let your affiliates brand your article with their own affiliate ID.
11) Cross-reference your article. Place links to articles in other articles you are writing.
12) Publish your published articles as an ebook and distribute them freely to boost up your viral marketing.

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gopal chowdary said...

Hi im working for a magazine in Hyderabad, India.... I have few articles to write if you are interested pl do reply....