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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sidewiki, Google Sidewiki - controversial new device from google toolbar for public comment on websites

Called Google Sidewiki, the device is integrated in the latest version of Google Toolbar and works with both Firefox and Web Explorer but ironically, not yet Google Chrome. To use Sidewiki, download the latest version of the Google Toolbar and set it to enhanced.

Google has launched a controversial new device that allows the public to comment on any web-site in a side bar displayed in their browser.

When activated, Sidewiki slides across from the left and becomes a browser sidebar, where you can write entries in a vertical column and read the entries of others. To activate Sidewiki, you basically click on the Sidewiki button in your Toolbar menu or the tiny talk bubble on the left hand side of your screen.

It appears that persons can read the Sidewiki comments sent by link whether we have Sidewiki installed or not. When you're logged in to Sidewiki, you'll always see your comments at the top and any others below.

If you have got a Google profile, your picture will appear next to your Sidewiki entry. You can either highlight a definite part of a web page, click the Sidewiki button and comment about it, or you can make a general comment about the entire web page. If you have got Sidewiki installed, you can see comments made on the same web-site by other members of the public and you can forward your Sidewiki comments to colleagues, friends and relatives by direct link, email, Twitter or Facebook.

"Under the hood, we have even more technology that will take your entry about the current page and show it next to webpages that contain the same snippet of text. For example, an entry on a speech by President Obama will appear on all webpages that include the same quote. We also bring in relevant posts from blogs and other sources that talk about the current page so that you can discover their insights more easily, right next to the page we refer to."

Not only does your Sidewiki entry appear on the original page, but if you have highlighted text, your entry also appears on any webpages that contain the same snippet of text that your comment is about. From the official blog post:

"So instead of displaying the most recent entries first, we rank Sidewiki entries using an algorithm that promotes the most useful, high-quality entries. It takes in to account feedback from you and other users, previous entries made by the same author and lots of other signals we developed."

than viewing them in the order in which we were written, Sidewiki entries are ranked by an algorithm determined by Google:

Google have also launched an API that allows developers to work freely with the content created in Sidewiki. Where no comments have been made on a web page, Google may show blog results relating to that page.

The technology used to decide ranking involves large-scale graph computing but other factors are at play, as revealed by Danny Sullivan in his post about Sidewiki. These include use of sophisticated language, complex sentences and ideas, user reputation and user history as revealed by your Google profile and comment contributions. Your comments and others can be thumbed up or down using the "useful - yes or no?" device, or reported as abuse, further contributing to your user reputation and "Profile Rank" as Danny calls it.

The potential applications of Sidewiki are interesting and frightening simultaneously. For example, I can see how it could be a useful bookmarking device, allowing you to make notes about a web-site you have found which you could refer to later. You can even embed YouTube videos in Sidewiki (take a look at the Google home page to see this in action).

It also has fantastic potential as an online collaboration device, letting you annotate the pages on a site in conjunction with team members in a similar way to tracking changes in a MS Word document and sharing document versions by Google Docs.

Sidewiki has a nice chance of being spammed by spammers if it is not well controlled.Sidewiki has program policies but spammers don't care about those and trolls don't read them. Besides, one man's graffiti is another man's gospel.

-Article by Kalena Jordan

Pope Benedict XVI Reminds Europe About Christian heritage

Pope Benedict XVI said Sunday that all of Europe — plus not only this ex-communist country — must acknowledge its Christian heritage as it copes with rising immigration from other cultures plus religions.

The second day of Benedict's pilgrimage to this highly secular country was marked by a joyous open-air Mass that drew tens of thousands of pilgrims plus a sober message for the entire continent.

"History has demonstrated the absurdities to which man descends when he excludes God from the horizon of his choices plus actions," Benedict said.

Church organizers estimated that 120,000 people packed a field beside an airport in the southern city of Brno for what was expected to be the biggest turnout of his trip. Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi said it was the largest turnout for a Mass in the history of the Czech Republic.

The 82-year-old pontiff was making the three-day visit as Czechs prepare to mark 20 years since their 1989 Velvet Revolution shook off an atheistic communist regime that ruthlessly persecuted the Roman Catholic Church.

Cheering crowd members from the Czech Republic plus neighboring countries including Austria, Spain, Poland plus Slovakia sang plus waved Czech plus Vatican flags. Emergency services said 18 people collapsed plus were treated for dehydration, plus a police officer was hospitalized with injuries after falling from his horse.

"Man needs to be liberated from material oppressions, but more profoundly, he must be saved from the evils that afflict the spirit," Benedict told the crowd from under a white canopy beside a 12-meter-high (40-foot-high) stainless steel cross. The German-born pope spoke in Italian, plus his words were translated in to Czech.

The pope warned that technical progress was not to "guarantee the moral welfare of society."

"As Europe listens to the story of Christianity, he hears her own," the pope said during the meeting at Prague's medieval Hradcany Castle. "Her notions of justice, freedom plus social responsibility, together with the cultural plus legal institutions established to preserve these ideas plus hand them on to future generations, are shaped by her Christian inheritance."

Later Sunday, in talks with leaders of other faiths plus branches of Christianity, Benedict broadened his message to all of Europe.

Europe's religious roots, he said, "supply the continent with the spiritual plus moral sustenance that allows her to enter in to meaningful dialogue with people from other cultures plus religions."

Lombardi said the pope shook hands with Jewish leaders at that meeting, but did not mention atrocities against Jews during World War II. An estimated 80,000 Czech Jews perished in the Holocaust, which decimated the nation's Jewish community.

In a meeting with other Christians, he also mentioned Jan Hus, a 15th century religious reformer seen as a forerunner of the Protestant Reformation who was burned at the stake. He is considered a national hero here.

Benedict is using the trip to recall communist-era religious repression plus to urge Czechs to reconsider a faith plenty of have abandoned.

The pope said discussion of the case was important not only in the quest for Christian unity but also "for the nice of all European society."

His predecessor, Pope John Paul II, visited the former Czechoslovakia three times, but this weekend's tour is Benedict's first here as pope. Although the nation of 10 million has given him a lukewarm reception, he received an enthusiastic welcome Sunday in the country's Roman Catholic heartland.

The Czech Republic is one of the most secular countries in Europe. In 1991, 4.5 million of the country's 10 million people said they belonged to a church, but a 2001 census showed that number had plunged to 3.3 million. Recent surveys suggest the number of believers remains low; about one in three respondents to a poll conducted by the agency STEM said they don't believe in God.

"The pope's never been here. It's a unique experience to see him," said Daniel Rampacek, a 21-year-old student from the southeastern town of Breclav. "Above all, people require hope — now at a time of (economic) crisis."

In his traditional Sunday Angelus blessing, Benedict urged the crowd not to forget their "rich heritage of faith."

Under communism, the church was brutally repressed. The regime, which seized power in 1948 in what was then Czechoslovakia, confiscated all church-owned property plus persecuted plenty of priests. Churches were then allowed to function only under the state's control plus supervision.

The pope, who has been giving his speeches in either English or Italian, is making his first foreign trip since he broke his right wrist in a fall while on holiday in July. He told reporters aboard his plane that he is eventually able to write again plus hopes to complete a new book by next spring.

"Maintain the spiritual patrimony inherited from your forebears \. guard it plus make it answer to the needs of the present day," he said.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

4 Powerful Tips For Writing Press Release - PR

A press release or PR is pseudo-news story, announcing the launch of a new web site/ product/ service written in third person, that seeks to demonstrate to an editor or reporter the newsworthiness of a particular person, event, service or product.

Press releases are one of the most powerful forms of advertising and marketing available to any company. An editorial feature in major magazines or newspapers can provide your business with tremendous exposure and recognition. Establishing contact with the media is vital to developing a major presence in the eyes of consumers and other businesses. Getting press and media attention is absolutely vital to your company's strength and success in the marketplace.

1) A CHANGE IN TARGET AUDIENCE : know your target audience

The first mistake commonly made is writing a press release with your business target audience in mind. Unlike advertising copy, which is written to appeal to your customer, a press release is written to appeal to a journalist. The journalist is not someone who is seeking to buy your product or service. A journalist is looking to fill a news need. When writing a press release, you must meet that need by filling the reporter's requirements. Rather than answering the question, "What's in it for me", answer the question, "Why would ABC magazine's readers care"?
The headline also takes on a new focus. Rather than using a headline proclaiming the benefits of your product, use a headline that proclaims its newsworthiness.


This means:
-Being able to separate real news about your company from promotional stuff.
-Being able to deliver a sharp story angle that will be of real interest to the news reading or viewing public
Being able to deliver this angle in a professional, courteous way.


A reporter hardly will have time to read long exaggerated facts . A long release do not have much of a chance in grabbing the reporters attention . Stick to the facts , state the benefits and get out of it


One common error is submitting a press release without first reading the publication.
It is virtually impossible to provide timely, news-oriented information to a site or magazine if you have no idea what interests their readers have.
Do a little homework before submitting. Visit the Web and look at the stories the site offers. Buy a copy of the magazine or newspaper and review the common interests of its readers.
By understanding what the publication is looking for, you will be able to fulfill the need and thus get a much better response from your press release.

12 Killer Article Marketing Tips

Powerful article marketing tips:

Article writing is an art and so is the article marketing. If you can write, you can drive unbelievable traffic to your website by powerful article marketing. If you have a website or blog or an affiliate product to promote, article marketing is the best powerful way to promote them online. Here I am trying to jot down the best powerful article marketing tips in brief.

1) Start with great ideas but when you have a writer's block, you can't write. To remove writer's block, get the story ideas by surveys or go blog hopping or use your own blog as a content source or explore article directories to get different dazzling ideas on topics. Start with something that people might be interested to read on further.
2) Register in different article directories as writer. The best article directories are:
3) Make 5 copies of unique version of the same article or write 5 new articles for 5 of the article directories each. Both are valid and powerful for article marketing.
4) Article should contain information. More the information more the cance to draw huge traffic.
5) Keep it simple stupid (KISS). Use proper format. Use paragraphs, bullet to make your article readable and short. Make the author resource box utilized fully.
6) Make the title of the article unique, meaningful and interesting so that reader's benefit is highlighted in those articles.
7) Use auto responders for your articles.
8) Republish your own published article in your blog with the link back to the article site.
9) Use RSS feeds. Place your articles in RSS feeds and see it spreading like hot cake.
10) Use affiliates if you have them. Let your affiliates brand your article with their own affiliate ID.
11) Cross-reference your article. Place links to articles in other articles you are writing.
12) Publish your published articles as an ebook and distribute them freely to boost up your viral marketing.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Best Music Artists of the World - Hollywood And Bollywood

Here I have compiled a list of the best music artists of the world. I would like to say rather this is the list of the best music artists of Hollywood and Bollywood. If you want to add more names, drop a comment here to add more names in this list of the best music artists of the world. If there is any controversy or I miss out anybody kindly add them as your comment.

Best Music Artists of the World in Hollywood

1. Best Music Artists of the World in Disco

  • Village People
  • Michael Jackson
  • Janet Jackson
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Luther Van dross

2. Best Music Artists of the World in Pop

  • James
  • D: Ream
  • Paul
  • Britney Spears
  • Electronic

3. Best Music Artists of the World in Rock and Roll

  • Los Angeles
  • Elvis Presley
  • Chuck Berry
  • The Beatles
  • Metallica

4. Best Music Artist of the World in Warner Music Group

  • Tangerine Dream
  • George
  • Eric Clapton
  • Alanis Morissette
  • Neil Young

5. Best Music Artists of the World Funk Musician

  • George Clinton
  • Stevie Wonder
  • James Brown
  • The Temptations
  • Bootsy Collins

Best Music Artist of the World (Best Singers)

  • Britney Spears
  • Michael Jackson
  • Elvis Presley
  • Johnny Cash
  • Paul McCartney

List of Best Music Artist of the World (Best Singer in Bollywood)
Jagjit Singh
Atif Aslam
Muhammad Rafi
Kishore Kumar
Mahendra Kapoor
Manna Dey
Udit Narayan
Hari Haran
Kumar Sanu
Nitin Mukesh
Sonu Nigam
Adan Sami
Himesh Reshammiya
Pankaj Udas
Daler Mehndi
A.R. Rahman
Aadesh Shrivastava
Jatin Lalit
Annu Malik
Lata Mangeshkar
Asha Bosle
Shreya Ghosal
Sunidhi Chauhan

Top Mobile Games Downloads, Best Mobile Games Downloads, Download M Games

1. Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party Arcade Mobile Games Download- The famously insane Raving Rabbids invade your mobile in a delirious mini-game compilation. It is having various features such as 12 mini-games of crazy Rabbid action with very intuitive controls. Rabbids invade your TV: Join the bunnies in their channel-hopping, from the News to the Cooking Channel.

2. Wolfenstein RPG 3D Shooting Mobile Games Download- Battle through 9 challenging levels to complete your mission and take down the Axis’ diabolical Paranormal Division. Use strategy and a wide array of conventional and mysterious weapons to defeat super soldiers, zombies and the shadowy Harbinger.

3. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa Action Strategy Mobile Games Download- The characters of the game Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo all come back with a power-pack action game in their adventurous outing. This zoo raised crew find themselves in an unknown land-Africa. The players just cannot resist roaring in action as Alex the lion and Marty the Zebra are charting a course for a slide scrolling African Adventure.

4. The Overtaker 3D Shooting Mobile Games Download- Combining dynamic action with smart tactics, player has to finish twelve challenging levels. Various weapons of destruction will help to defeat hordes of different enemies.

5. Ninja Tribunal RPG Fighting Mobile Games Download- The game closely follows the main events of the Ninja Tribunal Lost Episodes. Ancient evil lurks in the darkness, once more longing to destroy the world. Prepare yourself to help our four turtle heroes on their go after mighty artifacts. Follow the lead of Ninja Tribunal and evolve from clumsy novice to an invincible hero.

6. Postal Babes Action Mobile Games Download- Maniacs have taken over the campus and now the first year student girls are hostages, the Postal Babes can’t waste any time infiltrating the campus and rescuing those hostages. Grab whatever you can find, a baseball bat, a knife and start dishing out some tough love to those kidnappers.

What is Emulator? Emulator Definition, Emulator Info

An emulator is a piece of software that emulates a system (that is, imitates it in such a way as to be functionally indistinguishable from the original: e.g. entering input/data/software for the original should have the same result as with the real system) on a computer sufficiently more powerful than the original system to make this feasible in real-time. Usually the subject for emulation is a popular but super ceded computer. However, it is possible to create emulations of all kinds of systems, electronic or otherwise. A few years ago, emulators of microcomputers, coin-ops and games consoles became feasible on modern PC hardware.

Emulators recreate other systems and make them compatible with your computer. Video game emulator are most often used to revisit classic games long out of print or systems off the market for decades, they can also be used to modify games or translate them. Recently, classic gaming fans have been able to create new games for using emulator in the systems. The first widely used video game emulator was released by a game-developing company called Bloodlust Software. The emulator, first created in 1997, replicated the original Nintendo Entertainment System and was nicknamed NESticle. Gene cyst emulators are available to download all over the internet, and now have working models that mimic most early game systems. Most emulators are created by reverse engineering, a protected form of technology under the laws of many nations.

Emulators are a dicey subject and a legally gray area in many places. If people are using a video game emulator, download from a reputable source and be aware of the local copyright laws. List of emulators those are available for both PC and Mac are as follows:
# 1. Intellivision
# 2. Atari 2600
# 3. NES
# 4. Master System
# 5. Colecovision
# 6. Turbo Grafx – 16
# 7. Super NES
# 8. Playstation
# 9. Nintendo 64
# 10. Game Gear
# 11. Apple II
# 12. Game Boy

Popular Wario Games, Wario Land series, Nintendo

Popular Wario Games

Popular Wario Games is a platforming video game developed by Nintendo on the Game in 1994 (even though it was copyrighted in 1993). It is the first video game to features of popular wario games is a playable character and the main character, as well as the first appearance of Captain and her Brown Sugar Pirates, recurring villains in the Wario Land series.

Popular Wario Games features is a theme of greed remarkably different from almost all of Nintendo's other franchises. It is the first game Nintendo has made where the main character's cause is decidedly selfish. There are no princesses to save, no world in peril. There is only one goal for popular wario games earn as much money as possible, in an effort to buy his own massive castle and make Mario jealous. The larger the cash total of popular wario games has collected at the end of the game, the better house (and ending) that Wario will receive. The popular wario games are the basic movements in this game reflect the considerable difference that he has from Mario. The most notable difference in game play is that Wario doesn't take damage from merely touching an enemy; if he bumps against a foe he instead will knock it over and be able to carry it. Most enemies wield a weapon; if Wario wants to knock these enemies over, he will have to bump into them from a safe side, not touching their weapon.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Funny Diwali ecards, Funny diwali cards, Funny Diwali Greeting Cards, Funny Diwali greetings

It's Diwali. It's the time for fun and to wish your near and dear ones with funny Diwali ecards. These Diwali greeting cards are funny and these will surely make them smile. What is more than making your loved ones smile with these funny Diwali greetings. So send these funny Diwali ecards and Diwali cards to your friends and family and spread the well wish of Diwali among them.
Funny Diwali Ecards
More Diwali ecards
Read Diwali jokes

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival, Buffalo, New York

National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival is a weekend festival held in Dunn Tire Park in downtown Buffalo, New York. This festival celebrates the Buffalo style chicken wing. National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival, Buffalo, New York is held on the Labor Day weekend and culminates with the IFOCE sanctioned Buffalo Wing eating contest.

This festival was first started in the year 2002. The founder of National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival was Drew Cerza, who is more famous as “Wing King”. Although it has been claimed that this is the first of its kind festival, WingStock on the main street in downtown Buffalo was held annually prior to the first National Buffalo Wing Festival.

The National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival, Buffalo, New York is attended by millions of people every year. During this weekend festival lots of chicken wings are served to people and fund is raised for local charities. In this year, 2008 the National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival will take place at the Labor Day weekend, on September 1st and 2nd.

Every year, National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival involves lots of fun and excitement. Many local and national restaurants participate in the event, including several new entries every year. National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival, Buffalo, New York also features many contests and competitions which have become festival favorites over the years.

National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival includes the most popular the US Chicken Wing Eating Championships followed by Hot Sauce Recipe competitions, Miss Buffalo Wing Contest, Baby Wing Contest, Blue Cheese Bowl Competition, Buffalo Buffet Bowl, and the .5k “Running of the Chickens”.

Fish Festivals Ohio, Festival of the Fish Ohio

One of the popular US food, harvest and wild game festivals is the Festival of the Fish, Vermilion in Ohio. The Festival of the Fish is one of the largest festivals in the area. Every year, the Vermilion city celebrates the sea on a grand scale with lovely parades, boat parades, races, pageants, contests, delicious food and entertainment. The fine Festival of the Fish, Vermilion in Ohio takes place on the Father’s Day Weekend every year.

During the Festival of the Fish, young girls compete for the most coveted title of princess or queen in one of the largest festival pageants in the county. Dozens of dogs walk in the annual pet parade and various activities for the kids are also arranged at the gazebo. On the starting day of the Festival of the Fish, Vermilion in Ohio, a 5 kilometer run and 1mile walk are sponsored by the YMCA. A Sand Castle Contest takes place at the Main Street Beach. Other notable activities and contests include the Crazy Craft Races and the Lighted Boat Parade on the Vermilion River.

The Festival of the Fish takes place for 3 days and includes lots of fun and excitement. Among the activities, the Queen and Princess pageant, local talent concerts and parades attracts large number of crowds from Vermilion as well as from far off places.

At the Victory Park, the Festival of the Fish, Vermilion in Ohio is arranged every year. The Crazy Craft boat race is one of the very exciting events at the Festival of the Fish. You can enjoy this race by sitting on a char and eating the mouth-watering Walleye or Perch sandwich. The Festival of the Fish also includes a fishing contest, games, vendors and Lake Erie perch. Visitors can even enjoy shopping at the outdoor marketplace that sells unique items to customers.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lake Austin Spa Resort, Texas spa resorts, Austin Spa resorts

Lake Austin Spa Resort, Austin, Texas is located on the 19 lakefront acres in Central Texas. It is set up along the legendary Hill Country and is located only 35 minutes from downtown Austin. The Lake Austin Spa Resort, Austin, Texas offers a casual setting, elegance and a friendly staff to welcome you with a big smile and prompt services.

Among the various room types, guests can choose rooms according to their choice and preference.

* Signature Room: The rooms are perfect for the family or friends and contain 2 queen-sized beds, sunlit bathroom, 2 spacious closets attached to bathroom and remote-controlled ceiling fans.

* Premier Garden Cabin: These rooms are just ideal for couples and honeymooners. With 2 queen-sized beds or 1 king sized bed, you will get a sunlit bathroom, whirlpool bathtub, fireplace and a private garden.

* Premier Lakeview Room: It is perfect for families and friends and offers a stunning view of Lake Austin.

In addition, there are Premier Garden Rooms and Front Porch in the Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas. The room facilities and services are simply great to make the guests live in style.

With regard to dining, Lake Austin Spa Resort, Austin offers a healthy spa cuisine in its casual setting. The resort’s award-winning cuisine is carefully designed and prepared by talented culinary artists and Chef Terry Conlan.

Texas-based organic farms supply the freshest of organic ingredients and meat to this resort to prepare various healthy dishes. The lunch and dinner menus change seasonally, and each offers a wonderful variety of daily dishes. The beverage bar is open all 24 hours a day and the lovely Aster Café at the LakeHouse Spa offers a gourmet lunch menu to guests to din in style.

The Lake Austin Spa Resort also provides fitness programs and latest cardio-vascular equipment. Guests come to the LakeHouse Spa to enjoy over 100 treatments and services. The Spa has 25 treatment locations including couple’s suites, outdoor treatment cabanas, a screened-in treatment porch and the private bamboo room. There are also swimming pools at the Lake Austin Spa Resort, Austin, Texas.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Yakushima, Japan - UNESCO World Heritage

Yakushima, Japan is an island off the south east coast of Kyushu adjacent to Tanegashima and north of Okinawa in Japan. Yakushima, Japan is one of the sites, enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Yakushima is a small, nearly round volcanic island that rises almost 2,000 m above the sea level. The site is one of the most rain-soaked places in Japan, with measurable precipitation of 50% all throughout the year. Due to its isolation, the steep terrain and exceptional climate Yakushima, Japan is one of Japan’s natural wonders.

The rocky coastline and the luxuriant mountains rising sharply in the center of the island are often spectacular to look at and click pictures of. Travelers will get to see many kinds of wildflowers that blossoms and decorate the roads and forest.

From the Yakushima, Japan, you will get to view amazing sunrises and sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. White clouds line the horizon and pile up in the blue sky. Mists and rain clouds assemble on top of the mountains.

The forests of Yakushima, Japan are not virgin. Hundreds of years ago, most of its ancient trees were cut for lumbering. There are cedar trees that are over 1, 000 years old are termed as yakusugi. The largest of the cedar tree is called the Jomon sugi, and its age is estimated to be between 2, 100 years to 7, 200 years old.

While in Yakushima, Japan, visitors can see and explore the Yakusugi Museum, the fine Yakushima Fruit Garden, Shitogo Gajumaru-en Banyan Garden and several beaches, including Nagata-inaka-hama Beach, where giant turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting ideas, Wall-to-Wall Carpeting tips, Wall-to-Wall Carpet guide

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpeting has its own advantages. It dresses up the floor attractively and also protects it from excessive wear and tear. Wall-to-wall carpeting offer cheaper flooring option to most high-quality tiles. They are also very visually appealing.

The carpets are available in natural fibers such as wool and silk, and synthetic or man-made fibers come as polyester and acrylic. Synthetic carpets are available in wide range of colors and textures. With regard to wall-to-wall carpeting, there are some measures that need to be kept in mind.

The life of the carpet depends on its usage; hence if you keep the carpet in some busy areas of the home, make sure the carpet is of good quality and durable. You can choose a dark color while buying the carpets.

You need to calculate the area of the carpet before going to buy one. The most common method of calculating the area of the carpet is to multiply the length of the room by its width and divide that figure by 9 to obtain the square yardage.

The selection of the color wall-to-wall carpet is important as well. Make sure that the carpets go well with the color pattern of the rest of the home. Lighter colors make the room seem larger, while darker colors provide coziness.

Very important thing to do is to clean the carpets. Always keep the carpets neat and clean and do not use harsh detergents to wash them. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the walls. Mild dust can be removed using a clean cloth. Try to avoid dragging heavy furniture on the carpet, as this will damage the fibers of the carpet.

Kitchen Lighting Tips, Light up kitchen, Lighting in kitchen, kitchen light decoration ideas
Interior decorating ideas, Interior design ideas, Home decoration ideas, Interior decor tips

Short love poems, Short love poetry, Short love rhymes

Short love poems can be send to those who does not like to read long poems. Short love poems are great means to convey your love to someone special in your life. These love poems are short and precise and easy to read and make the person understand how much deeply you love him or her. Here are some beautiful short love poems to choose from.

Short love poem
by C.S. Bucknam

When all the songs are over
and all the words been said
The sun grows dim across the sky
and the world prepares for bed

I oft can take a moment now
to view the sky above
and whisper God a simple prayer
to thank him for your love.

Run Away
by Silentx Thoughtz

Run away with me
For you are my one true love.
Let's go where we can be together
And stay that way forever.

Love - what is love
A poem by Robert Louis Stevenson

To friends at home, the lone, the admired, the lost
The gracious old, the lovely young, to May
The fair, December the beloved,
These from my blue horizon and green isles,
These from this pinnacle of distances I,
The unforgetful, dedicate.

by Gary R. Hess

Today I went to class
I did nothing but stare and wonder
About all my toil and timber

I thought about what you did to me
I thought about how it came to be
I felt so lonely at the time
I felt like I didn't have a dime

Now I'm musing what to do
Knowing I will always think of you.

When We Danced
Short poems by Gladys Hurano

Soft gentle stare
Warm tender touch
You took my hand
And we danced

Arms around me
Light dragging moves
Cheek warm against mine
Breathing deep from the soul

Long have I searched
Finally I have found
When you took my hand
And we danced.

The Sick Rose
by William Blake

O Rose thou art sick.
The invisible worm.
That flies in the night
In the howling storm:

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

My Prince
by Dixiedaisy

Tis the day of Valentine,
Hearts beckon "please be mine"
Flowers on the clinging vine,
Loves embrace we intertwine,

Roses adorn the room decor,
Candles flicker in the eyes adored,
Velvet touches your hands explore,
My love you'll be forever more.

Me and You
by Jessa

The miles are many,
The visits are few,
but when you see the sun set think of me and you.

I Want.........
I want somewho will never leave my side.

I want someone who will say "I love you" and mean it.

I want someone who will watch a Friday night movie w/me.

I want someone who will put me in a happy mood when I'm in a bad one.

I want someone who will hold me when I'm scared.

I want someone who will give me there jacket when I'm cold.


Indian Contemporary Art, Contemporary Indian Art, Indian Contemporary Art Information

Indian Contemporary Art in India has been prevalent from classical times in the traditional manner. The palace of the kings were decorated with urns, vases, wall murals and other Indian contemporary art facts as the community then was chiefly comprised of classes segregated as per job profile. The caste system was prevalent then but the community was organized and hence they retained the true Indian contemporary art forms. Embroidery works of Indian contemporary art is very famous and goes from fine embroidery to the ones existing in the Indian wedding ensembles.

Paintings range in the area from Madhubani, Tanjore, Warli art and Batik art. Fabric painting in the tie and dye pattern is still found in Gujarat and certain parts of Rajasthan. The Patachitra Indian contemporary art of Orrissa is a great marvel and is a detailed process where in the making of the canvas it is an ordeal of five days. Tribal Indian contemporary art is related to wood work, interesting decorative items made with branches and twigs.

Indian contemporary art is also related to the fine art category. There are still people and the village folk who have maintained the traditional of song and dance which has transcended from generations. The true worth of our tradition is in our villages and farm lands that speak about Indian contemporary art culture. Of late there are many Indian contemporary art forms of jewelry and embroidery making that is getting extinct. This could be because many families are not interested in carrying the Indian contemporary art work and also that the patronage is not encouraging.

There are various types of dance forms in India. This belongs to categories like
Bharat Natyam, Oddissi, Manipuri and other traditional forms like Lavani, Garba raas and Kaykotti kali from Kuala. Most of the dance forms talk about a particular festival or show a style that is typical in its format. Prehistoric rock and cave Indian contemporary art can be seen in Khajuraho and Ajanta-Ellora caves. The recent modern art have changed the contemporary look which is also well blended in the Indian contemporary art style.

Earrings and lacquer work is also famous in India. The craftsmen are unique in their creation and it is a great marvel to watch them complete their work in a limited span of time. Beaded jewelry is also a major Indian contemporary art work of India. Charcoal paintings and other Indian style of scenic painting on straw is another piece of Indian contemporary art.

Modern Art Definition, What is Modern Art? Modern Art Information

Modern art is a term that refers to artistic works produced during the period extending roughly from the 1860s through the 1970s, and denotes the style and philosophy of the modern art produced during that era. The term is usually associated with art in which the traditions of the past have been thrown aside in a spirit of experimentation. Modern art artists experimented with new ways of seeing, and with fresh ideas about the nature of materials and functions of art. A tendency toward abstraction is characteristic of much modern art.

The pioneers of modern art were Romantics, Realists and Impressionists. By the late 19th century, additional movements which were to be influential in modern art had begun to emerge: post-Impressionism, as well as Symbolism. The modern art style was adopted by artists in different nations, in preference to a national style. These factors established the view that it was a movement. These traits—establishment of a working method integral to the modern art, establishment of a movement or visible active core of support, and international adoption—would be repeated by artistic movements in the Modern art period in art.
Artist groups like and Bauhaus developed new ideas about the interrelation of the arts, architecture, and design and art education. Modern art was introduced to the United States with the Armory Show in 1913, and through European artists who moved to the U.S. during World War I.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Durga Puja Origin, Durga Puja History, Mythology Of Durga, Creation Of Durga

Durga Puja is celebrated throughout the world. But it is observed that the Durga Puja is celebrated in West Bengal in really a huge way. But there is hardly anyone who knows the origin of Durga Puja. The origin of Durga Puja can be explained from various aspects. There is a lot of story behind the origin of Durga Puja. The most important story behind the origin of Durga Puja may be traced back during the time of Lord Rama.

Lord Rama was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is assumed that when Lord Rama was fighting a battle against Ravana. Ravana was the demon king who abducted Sita, wife of Lord Rama. In order to rescue Sita from Ravana, Lord Rama fought a battle. But Ravana was so strong and powerful that he did not seem to be defeated. Therefore, Lord Rama worshipped Goddess Durga in her Shakti form and Goddess Durga blessed her to be the winner. As a result of the blessings of Goddess Durga and the efforts of Lord Rama, Ravana was defeated and was killed. This is one of the stories behind the origin of Durga Puja.

There is another belief regarding the origin of Durga Puja. This is the most well known stories. There was a giant called Mahishasur who was blessed by Lord Brahma that he will never be killed by any male. Mahishasur started thinking that there was no one to stop him and hence he started his evil deeds. When the Lord saw that he was crossing his limits, he decided to create a female who will possess the extreme power and strength to defeat Mahishasur. As a result of this decision, the origin of Durga Puja in the form of Goddess Durga emerged and was provided with the collective powers of the Tridev comprising Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Many others were there who also gave their power to the Goddess.

Goddess Durga killed Mahishasur and made the people free from the evil creatures. This also depicts the origin of Durga Puja and its significance that ensures the presence of Goddess Durga anytime whenever Her devotees need Her.

Durga puja pandal, Durga Puja Pandal Making, Durga Puja Pandal Design and Decoration

Durga puja pandal

Durga Puja is a ten days extended celebration renowned with great pomp and show in Northern and Eastern division of India. The preparation for this puja and celebrations begins days prior to the festival. Usually, the Durga Puja is done on a society level and the idols and Durga puja pandals (tents) for the Puja are set by the puja management commission of the area.

Thrilling idols of the Goddess adorn the Durga puja pandal. The ambience of the Durga puja pandal is also taken mind of and given a very holy and sacred look. The idol of the goddess is set over a higher stage and sitting preparations for the priest as well as devotees are done near the platform.

Puja is performed in these momentary Durga puja pandals for ten days and after the immersion of idol in a blessed water body, the Durga puja pandals are correctly cleaned and detached. Read on if you are fascinated in exploring the idol and Durga puja pandal making action of Durga Puja in feature.

Durga Puja Pandal Making

Durga puja Pandals are like a momentary temple during the Puja. The creation of Durga puja Pandal is also a compound and long occurrence. It has now befallen a tendency to set Durga puja pandals all the way during society donation in every colony and street.

The trends of Barwari Puja usually financed by the local land owners or sponsored by the affluent people have now become a characteristic of community contribution. Making of these Durga puja pandals pursue well set plans that use bamboo poles, wooden planks and cloth.

The designs of the Durga puja Pandal are done in agreement with space obtainable and the community inhabitants. It has now befallen a trend to set designer Durga puja pandals with complex lightings and complex patterns. Ornamented by lights, flowers and some such items, the modern Durga puja pandals at several spaces also look like film sets.

Durga Puja Recipes, Navratri recipes

The Durga Puja is a very special festival of India and has gained worldwide recognition. Durga Puja is celebrated all over the India to memorialize the victory of goodness over the evil. People celebrate this festival with full excitement. They do so by shopping many clothes, sweets and many more. Apart from the set up of glorious puja pandals at every corner, Feasting and fasting are the two spotlighting aspects of the ceremonious occasion of West Bengal. On this festival people worship Goddess Durga by making delicious Durga Puja Recipes.

Over the years some of the Bengali spicy dishes that have gained popularity that include Bandhakopar Dalna, Chola Dal, and Aloo Posto. Although Bengalis are known for their sweet dishes, their Durga Puja Recipes cuisine consists of a number of spicy dishes as well. In a sweet dish Roshogolla is one of the famous Durga Puja Recipes in Bengali. The Durga Puja Recipes are easy to make as well as take much less time.

Some of the famous Durga Puja recipes include:

Chola Dal: Apart from worshipping Goddess Durga during the occasion, people celebrate the festival by feasting. Durga Pooja, a ten day festival, comprises of a number of rituals that are followed since ages. In Bengal Chola Dal is one of the major dishes among Durga Puja Recipes.

Patishapta: The Patishapta Pitha is a sweet with its outer layer made of flour and the inner stuffing made of different savories like coconut and dry fruits. In Bengal Patishapta is one of the major dishes among Durga Puja Recipes.

Aloo Posto: Durga Puja is an occasion for religious ceremony as well as feasting. All through the ten days of the festival, the Bengalis all over the world, especially in West Bengal, indulge themselves in merry making and eating a variety of dishes that are indigenous to their culture. In Bengal Patishapta is one of the major dishes among Durga Puja Recipes.

Roshogolla: India is a land of festivals and feasts. Sweets like Jalebi, Kaju Barfri, Kalakand, SohanPapadi, Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun and Rasgulla are some of the famous Indian delicacies which are inseparable part of Indian festivities. In Bengal Patishapta is one of the major dishes among Durga Puja Recipes.

Durga Puja Timing 2009, Durga Puja Nirghonto 2009

Durga Puja Timing 2009

Durga puja is celebrated in the autumn months of September/October. According to the Hindu solar calendar, it falls on the first nine days of the month of Ashvin. Most of the religions follow either a solar calendar or a lunar calendar. For the Hindus, it is a combination of both. These Durga Puja Timing 2009 days are counted on the basis of sun rise and sun set. But timings of all religious functions are based on the lunar month. The lunar month is divided into two halves, the full moon phase. The schedule of Durga Puja Timing 2009 is also framed on the basis of the, Tithhi. The Devi Paksha or the fortnight in which the Puja falls sets in with the auspicious of the Mahalaya. The four days of Pujas start from the sixth day of the full moon phase that follows the Mahalaya and ends up with the Dashami or the tenth day.

The Durga Puja timing 2009 is as follows:

23rd September: The Durga Puja timing 2009 for Panchami starts from 8:20 am of the previous day till 8:33 pm of the next day.

24th September: The Durga Puja timing 2009 for shashi starts from 8:34 pm of the previous day to 9:18 pm of the next day.

25th September: The Durga puja timing 2009 for saptami starts from 9:19 pm of the previous day to 10:31 pm of that day.

26th September: The Durga puja timing 2009 for ashtami starts from previous day 10:32pm to Next day 00:09am.

27th September: The Durga puja timing 2009 for nabami starts from that day
00:10am to next day 2:04am.

28th September: The Durga puja timing 2009 for dashami starts from that day
2:05am to next day 4:08am.

Devi Durga 108 names, Devi Durga names

Goddess Durga 108 names are very popular in scriptures describe her persona, her power and universality. She is the Supreme, the Golden Goddess who slays the evil to bring peace.

Sati means one who got burned alive, Saadhvi means the Sanguine, Bhavaprita means one who is loved by the universe according to Durga 108 names Bhavaani means the abode of the universe Bhavamochani means the absolver of the universe, Aarya means goddess, Durga means the Invincible, according to Durga 108 names Jaya The Victorious in Durga 108 names Aadya means the Initial reality, Trinetra is one who has three eyes, Shooldharini of Durga 108 names means one who holds a monodent Pinaakadharini means one who holds the trident of Shiva, according to Durga 108 names Chitra is the Picturesque
Chandaghanta is one who has mighty bells Mahatapa is related with severe reparation

Besides these Durga 108 names, Durga is also called by many other names, such as, Rati, Barani, Tamasi, Nanda, Tulsi Devi, Roudri, Naini Devi etc.
The wheel of Time creates the moments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, nights, fortnights, months, equinoxes, years, yugas, manwantaras, kalpas and so on, while the Mahakala (the eternal time), Mahakala remains placid and devoid of all movements, without any beginning or end. She is worshipped all over India with the same ardour under different Durga 108 names and manifestations the most benign face of the goddess is Durga.

Goddess Durga is the embodiment of the divine force of the Almighty. The word Durga, in Sanskrit means the invincible. According to Durga 108 names Durga Devi represents power, strength, morality and protection. Maa Durga is the destroyer of sin and protector of morality. According to Durga 108 names Goddess Durga is also known as Shakti (Power). Durga is the mother, as well as the slayer of evils at the same time. Goddess Durga is known by different Durga 108 names.

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Eid ecards, Eid-Ul-Fitr greetings, Eid Mubarak greeting cards, Eid wishes

Id-Ul-Fitr, also referred as Eid-Ul-Fitr, is more popularly known as Eid. This is the most important festival of the Islamic calendar. The festival of Id ul Fitr is celebrated by the Muslim community all over the world with great devotion and happiness. Eid ul Fitr is marked as the end of 'Ramadan', which is the month of fasting and the beginning of a new month namely 'Shawwal'.

On the festive occasion of Eid or Id-Ul-Fitr the whole Muslim community breaks their fasting of Ramzan with a special prayer and high spirits. On this very auspicious occasion special cuisines and delicacies are prepared at each of the Muslim households. Friends and relatives visit each other’s house and these gastronomical delights are enjoyed together. The festival of Id-Ul-Fitr is dedicated to the spirit of love, sharing, peace and brotherhood.

When is Eid-Ul-Fitr Celebrated?
Id-Ul-Fitr is a very important day for every Muslim. The term Id Ul Fitr means a 'festival of breaking the fast'. It is celebrated on the first day after sighting the moon of 'Shawaal', on the tenth month of Islamic calendar. The festival of Id-Ul-Fitr marks the end of the month of Ramdan.

Various Celebrations of Id-Ul-Fitr

During the auspicious month of Ramzan, every Muslim observes a day long fast and offer special prayers to the almighty. They can only eat after the sun goes down. This practice is continued for the whole month and ends with the Eid, which marks the end of Ramzan. Muslim community all over the world celebrates this pious festival with utmost devotion.

Send these beautiful ecards to say Eid Mubarak to your friends, family and loved ones.

Durga Puja Greetings, Durga Pujo, Durga Puja Festival, Navratri festivals

Durga Puja is the biggest and the most popular festivals of the Bengalis. Also referred as Durgotsab, the Durga Puja is an annual festival in Bengal that celebrates the worship of Hindu goddess Durga. The Puja is celebrated for five days starting from Sashthi, to Maha Saptami, Mahashtami, Maha Nabami and Bijoya Dashami. It is believed that Maa Durga visits with her two sons and daughters to the earth, her father’s house once a year.

The dates of Durga Puja are set after certain calculations according to the traditional Bengali Calendar and the fortnight that correspond the festival is called Debi Pokkho. The Durga Puja is widely observed in West Bengal and Tripura. It’s a five day national holiday in these regions. The festival has a huge significance and socio-cultural impact in Bengali society.

Apart from West Bengal, Durga Puja is also celebrated in Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand, Orissa, Delhi, Maharashtra, Kashmir, Gujarat, Punjab, Karnataka and Kerala. Durga Puja is also largely observed as a major festival in Nepal and Bangladesh. Nowadays, the non-residential Bengali communities have started to arrange Durgotsab in the countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France and Kuwait.

The Durga Puja also includes the worshipping of Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Shiva, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Saraswati, Kartikeya and Mahishasura. Modern tradition have evolved to include the display of extremely decorated pandals and artistically depicted idols of Durga. Awards are given to the Puja committees for their innovation.

The bells of celebration are ringing again! It's time again to lose yourself in the rasa and garba dances, for Navratri is here! But hey! Don't you forget to wish all those wonderful people who add a beautiful melody