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Friday, June 19, 2009

Top News from India

Today's Top Stories

1. Indian Dacoit Ganshyam Shot Dead in Chitrakoot
In the mother of all encounters in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a 500-strong police force managed to shoot do wn dacoit Ganshyam Nishad in Chitrakoot district a couple of hours back after 52 hours of gun battle. It was a joint operation by..
submitted by - Vincent Van Ross from New Delhi

2. Sri Lanka May Become 'Hong Kong of India' After war
Sri Lanka's economy can bounce back from its weakest growth in six years and become the "Hong Kong of India" as the end of almost three decades of civil war boosts business opportunities, HSBC Private Bank said. Decades of fighting on the Indian.
submitted by - Sukhbahar from Ludhiana

3. India, Pakistan please issue one statement - We will be talking again!
Readers know very well how India and Pakistan dance on US tunes. Obama JI wants India to resume talks with Pakistan and this is known to whole of the world out there. Now how can India resume talks when so much of 'I am not happy' statements...
submitted by - Hind Blogger from Phagwara

4. Celebrity or Sale-i-brity?
Business World leads with the advertisements and these advertisements are used as a very effective tool of marketing. From a needle to huge infrastructure all need advertisements and the glamor of advertisements are the celebrities. Today in India..
submitted by - Chandra Shekhar from Delhi

5. Grounded For Refusing To Fly Faulty Plane!
When you travel by any mode what would be your top priority, obviously to reach your destination safe and sound. If you are travelling by air, the least you can expect after you pay through your nose that the concerned Airlines would provide you with.
submitted by - veena from delhi

Top Headlines around the Globe

North America
1. Outcry on Federal SameSex Benefits
2. The Hypocrisy of, Yet, Another Republican
3. Apple To Sell 3G S...Smart-Phone War Escalates
4. American Jews' Support for Israel Declines
5. Recession boosts global human trafficking

Latin America
1. Iran, Bolivia and the Fork in the Road
2. Mexicos Election Rebellion: Just Vote No
3. Panama a transit depot for human trafficking
4. Brazil Helps Kidnap American Children
5. Guatemala seizes 9.9 million pseudoephedrine pills

Middle East
1. Arabs largely silent on Iran election and unrest
2. Sudans Coordinated Genocide in Darfur Is Over
3. They don't want a state!
4. What the Iran Street Protests Mean for the Arab World
5. US troops ask Syria to thwart alQaida offensive

1. Belfast mob threatened to kill Romanian children
2. Russia fights Recession with lumber wood
3. Muslim Children and Sex Education
4. 56 Stars Tattooed On Face!
5. Divorce epidemic overwhelming UK's courts

1. Indian Dacoit Ganshyam Shot Dead in Chitrakoot
2. Global Insurance Fraud By North Korea Outlined
3. End of the Silk Road for historic trading hub of Kashgar
4. Pakistan to turn tribesmen against Taleban with trade blockade
5. Sri Lanka May Become 'Hong Kong of India' After war

1. Child migrants walking into trouble
2. Warming outstripping Africa's ability to feed itself
3. The Demise Of Democracy
4. < a href="">Kenya uses cell phones to fight epidemics
5. Prostitutes Take Over Abuja Streets

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