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Monday, March 16, 2009

A Love Poem - Heart To Heart, All these I have loved

032/365Image by kortini via Flickr

It's a beautiful love poem. what would you name it? 'Sweet musing'? 'Forever yours'? 'Heart to heart'? 'Raptures of the heart'? 'Sweet rhapsody'?

These I have loved.
The soft flakes of snow from my windows,
The sweet murmuring of dry leaves at the end of fall,
Myriad emotions that flow across the heart,
The rheum in my eyes,
All these I have loved.

The little guy across the street
Who rings my doorbell on many a lonely day to sell a bunch of roses
He’s a darling.
Music sends me into raptures.
I love to drown in the melody of their sweet intoxication.
Love is my journey along the lanes and by-lanes of my heart.
I wish to leave my footprints – here.

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