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Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to upgrade wordpress 2.6.#(or older versions) to wordpress 2.7.1, Easy Wordpress upgrade guide

Wordpress 2.7 + is brilliant with many in-built features.If you are using previous versions of wordpress (Self Hosted) do upgrade your wordpress now for more enhancements in your wordpress website. It's simple and easy. Just follow these steps and you are up.

   1. Backup the following files and folders :
          * wp-content (backup the whole directory)
          * wp-config.php (file)
          * .htaccess file
          * Database (using phpmyadmin, backup the whole database, safe.)
   2. Downloaded the latest Wordpress.
   3. Delete all the old Wordpress files .
   4. Extract and upload (or upload and extract) the new Wordpress files.
   5. Copy the wp-config.php to the Wordpress root directory.
   6. Run wp-admin/update.php (http://yourwordpresssite/wp-admin/update.php). It will ask for a database upgrade, continue. If all goes well it will redirect to a blank page.
   7. Delete the new wp-content directory and upload your old wp-content directory in place of it.
   8. Visit your site!  All your posts and plugins will be active and it will look the same! (All incompatible plugins will be disabled automatially, but most of the plugins that work with 2.6.* also work with 2.7
   9. Admin URL is the same: http://yourwordpresssite/wp-admin/

After wordpress 2.7 installed you don't have to take headache of further manual upgrade. You 'll get an update link in your admin panel.

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