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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fourth Indian Idol

Souravi Deb Borman has become the 4th Indian Idol. She is a young girl of 23yrs from Agartala,the capital city of Tripura. She had her schooling in Agartala. Souravi, a graduate in business management , in hardly known in her neighbourhood. Her father Sunil Deb Borman is a state govt. employee . Her participetion and gradual progress in the comprtition has changed everything. When she was shortlisted in last ten, she has become a well known face. When she entered the last three, ertire Tripura started praying for her. The maharaja of Tripura led the campaign of voting in her favour. When she finaly become champion, not only Tripura, but also the entire North-East become delighted for their home-girl.
Souravi became the first female Indian Idol. She said : I cannot believe my luck, but I became confident when entered the last three. She thanked all, who supported and voted for her.

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