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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Esther Baxter, Miami music video model plans appearing in a film Speed Dating with Wesley Jonathan

Esther Baxter is one of the popular music video models from Miami, Florida and was born on September 25th, 1984. Miss Esther Baxter had never the aim of entering the amusement world and had even worked in as nursery school tutor.

She had only started thinking about this occupation after her brother introduced her to a representative who immediately got her a part in TQ’s “Keep it on the low” video. She appeared in the background of quite a lot of videos until she had her big break in the “Free-a-leek” video by Peety-Pablo.

Her career has flourished from that day.

She was recognized as “Miss Freek-a-leek” from then on. While, she does appear in recent videos today, Baxter has many more thoughts to come as, appearing in a film Speed Dating with Wesley Jonathan, a lingerie line, a book for wannabe models plus her own dvd releasing soon.

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