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Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentines Day Flowers As Valentine's Day Gifts

flowers on Valentine's Day gift

The flowers are a Valentine's gift par excellence, but the fact is that the flowers never go out of fashion and everyone likes s benefits. In the history of Valentine's Day in some way or another, have always been present. Historically, man has associated each of them to a particular characteristic or personality trait, which has developed a code to express feelings through the bouquets of flowers.

If you want to dazzle your partner and pass all your love, we give you some tips on the flowers you should choose.

Valentines Day Roses

If you are red, symbolizing the most passionate love. Red roses and passion are inextricably linked. White roses reveal a pure, healthy and with intentions of continuity. Pink roses express sympathy, appreciation and closeness, ideal when you want to give to a friend or a special person with whom there is still a loving relationship. However, not a gift bouquet of yellow roses to a loved one. Could be interpreted as envy or jealousy.

Valentines Day Carnations
If you prefer red carnations mean you're putting all your hopes in the love of the person presents. Pink carnations are associated with memory and attachment, while whites with the naivete and innocence. Yellow carnations, better avoid them in the Day of Love, as symbolized disdain.

Valentines Day Violetas
Giving violetas involves confidence, inner beauty and loyalty. To a friend, choose violetas doubles.

Valentines Day Orchid

Floral ornaments made from orchids express beauty, sweetness and sublime sentiments.

Although these are the favorite flowers in a gift on Valentine's Day, there are many species of plants and varied possibilities of combining them. At present, centers exotic flowers in bright colors are a fun alternative to the traditional floral.

After the initial shock pleasing your partner, seeing this wonderful bunch of flowers, the immediate reaction will find the card where you put the icing on the Valentine's gift: a few brief words, a small improvised love poem, signed with a kiss, a "I love you", an "I love you." No need to write a long love letter. The florist will help you in this work sugiriéndote many postal cards or miniature Valentine will have to sign.

In any case, the most important thing is to find a bouquet of flowers with personality, to convey the ideas that we want to communicate to the recipient and foremost, that we like. You do not need to be a center of heavy flowers, sometimes just a simple bouquet of daisies to conquer the person we love.

Flowers play another major role in the Day of Love. The typical decoration Valentine seasoned hearts, chocolates or angels is the culmination in the bouquets of flowers. Among the highlights of the customs February 14 appears to be surrounded by luxury, glamor and flowers in a comfortable hotel or a romantic dinner.

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