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Friday, February 27, 2009

International Women’s day: Obama’s perspective on women

Barack_Obama_Very_Tired2Image by Floyd Brown via Flickr

International Women’s day is On 8th March. International Women's Day is meant to appreciate those who have the biggest but quietest influence in our lives. But what is Obama's perspective on International Women's Day?

Barack Obama has given prior importance to competent women. He has taken competent women around him at all levels of the administration, not just at the top level but also at the second and third layers.

Three of the fifteen members in his Cabinet are women, or not quite 20%. Obama is used to having strong women around him. Most of these positions are in the national security and economic issues areas so are key positions.
- Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Secretary of State
- Hilda Solis, Secretary-Designate, Department of Labor
- Janet Napolitani, Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

And there are further powerful women in critical roles:
- Christina Romer, Chair, Council of Economic Advisors
- Susan Rice, United States Ambassador to the United Nations
- Lisa Jackson, Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency

Obama Adminstration has set a clear agenda for women. Here it goes -

National security:
- Caring for women veterans

- Renewing efforts to tackle underlying problems causing poverty
- Raising the minimum wage and helping low-income workers

- Protecting title tax
- Expanding early childhood education and improving schools
- Making college more affordable

Reproductive choice:
- Supporting a woman's right to choose
- Preventing unintended pregnancy

Preventing violence against women:
- Reducing domestic violence and strengthening domestic violence laws
- Fighting gender violence abroad

Economic issues:
- Fighting for pay equity and encouraging retirement saving
- Expanding paid sick days
- Investing in women-owned small businesses
- Protecting social security

- Fixing the Nation's Health Care System
- Empowering women to prevent HIV/AIDS
- Supporting research into women's health
- Fighting Cancer
- Reducing health risks due to mercury pollution
- Supporting stem cell research

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