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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Googleganger - Definition, What is Googleganger?

Do you know what is called googleganger? you may be quite familiar with the result but may not be sure about the exact terminology of googleganger. Googleganger is an internet expression that describes different people with the same name that can be found on Google. Other various definitions of googleganger :

Similar to that of a doppleganger, it is another individual with the same name as you whose records and/or stories are mixed in with your own when you Google yourself.

A person who shares your name– You find your googleganger by self-googling. The term comes from combining “Google” with the German expression, “Doppelganger.”

As an internet variation of the term Doppleganger. Defines the act of searching your own, or someone else’s full name on Google, and finding someone completely different, but sharing the same name.

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