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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Colorodao Road Conditions, Terrible Car Crash Killed Seven Canadians, a shocking story!

Seven Canadians killed in fiery Colorado car crash identified. Three of the victims were only 16, 3 and 21 months old. Relatives cite driver fatigue

The Colorado State Patrol released the names of seven Canadians killed in this one-vehicle crash Thanksgiving Day. The names were released to the Canadian Press at 8:00pm Friday night.

The State Patrol said the Larimer County Coroner identified the occupants killed in the crash as Alberta, Canada residents:

* Jacob Rempel Sr., 42 of Vauxhall;
* Susana Rempel, 40 of Vauxhall;
* Jacob Rempel Jr., 16 of Vauxhall;
* Susana Rempel, 30 of Willingdom;
* Johan Rempel, 3, of Willingdom;
* Heinrich Rempel, 21 months of Willingdom
* Joseph Dick, 33, of Taber

All seven of the victims pronounced dead at the scene.

The two families were on their way to Alberta from Mexico, "driving day and night" to get back for medical appointments, says a relative. Their Chevy Suburban plunged off an overpass and sailed about 15 metres before it hit a concrete embankment and burst into flames.
Colorado State Patrol Trooper Gilbert Mares said the vehicle was northbound on Interstate 25 when it suddenly veered off to the left side of the road and traveled along the median until the median ended at the Colorado 60 overpass.

The SUV then became airborne, sailed 40 to 50 feet, crashed into a concrete barrier and burst into flames.

RIP for those seven people.

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