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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator - LOL, It's Scary!

Sarah Palin is one popular gun-totin' mama, so it's natural that everyone would want to know what their name would be if she was their mom, right?

Well, regardless of whether or not you think people are obsessing over Sarah Palin, everyone and their mothers want to know one thing - what would their names be if Sarah had been their mother?

He He :) it's really stupid, but for some reason we can't stop laughing.

Go here
Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator and try the Sarah Palin baby name generator. You enter your name, and it spits out what your name would be if your mom was the now famous governor of Alaska.

We don't know how it works, but it produces some pretty frontier-sounding-moose-shooting-salmon-gutting names.

John McCain would have been "Stick Freedom Palin." Barack Obama, "Mangle Blue Palin." And the governor, had she been born to herself, would have been "Claw Washout Palin."

Just a few of the names that have been given out so far by the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator are: Hen Waffle Palin, Ladel Torque Palin, Cue Manhunt Palin and Flack Gobbler Palin!

We've also plugged the key players around Palin's campaign into the generator, from staunch supporters and dead ringers to protesters and bitter rivals. Some results are so suitable, it's scary.

Barack Obama:
"Tarp Lazer" Palin

Joe Biden:
"Beans Harpoon" Palin

John McCain:
"Steam Fangs" Palin

Hillary Clinton:
"Engine Nighthawk" Palin

Bill Clinton:
"Steak Leather" Palin

George W. Bush:
"Jeep Pike" Palin

Tina Fey:
"Buster Taint" Palin

Matt Damon:
"Crunk Petrol" Palin

Lindsay Lohan:
"Crust Scramble" Palin

Oprah Winfrey:
"Axe Diesel" Palin

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