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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Love, romance, relationship and marriage - The Chronicles of Love

While searching in Google today for love, romance, relationship and marriage, suddenly I stuck to this site "The Chronicles Of R" - Love, Romance n Relationships. The first few lines goes with the honest confession of Rajtilak, "The Chronicles of R is a celebration of love between R and me. And what's the celebration without a site fully dedicated to love, romance and relationships." I am still a bit confused who is that R? Rajtilak himself? or someone whom he loves, his fiancee...? I have to come back again to explore more what is there. Stay tuned for the time being to explore the site Love,Romance, Relationship and Marriage for getting more of love, romance,relationship and marriage.I love you, love quotes, romance, my love, love poems, relationships, true love, love life, love story, lost love, love calculator, love letters, how to find love, love poetry, love spells, romance love, sweet love, love quizzes, love horoscopes, love match, love test, love and romance, love cards, dating relationships, love romance relationship advice, long distance relationships, ending relationship and a lot more...

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