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Friday, September 26, 2008

Alton Desiree, The 'Survivor' Crew -RIP

News Headline: Alton Desiree, The 'Survivor' Crew drowned - RIP (Rest In Peace)

Alton Desiree,a Loubiere man and a crew member of the famous reality TV show 'Survivor' has been reported as drowned in Brazil.His wife, Susan Desiree said her husband left the island on September 9 for Brazil to continue his assignment after spending time with his family.“We had a great, great time together, we took a trip and rekindled our love to each other and I just did not want him to go when the time came…,” she said.She recalled how she cried on arrival at the Melville Hall Airport as he was preparing to leave Dominica.

“I held his hand even while he was in the departure lounge not wanting him to go…he came out giving me a hug and the went back inbut returned again before returning to board his flight,” Mrs. Desiree stated.Mrs. Desiree did not hear from him after that and began to feel uneasy.“…I had not heard from him since he left me on September 9. Now, after moving from one country to another, it would normally take them about two days to get all sorted out so by the weekend I was expecting him to call me,” Desiree noted.

“Then, I started to use my mind communication to communicate with him since we had over the years developed that closeness; we normally do that … and in doing so, something told me that he wanted to make contact with me but he could not … he was telling me something and I was telling him something; I was sad,” she said with a deep sigh.“I then went to bed but felt uneasy during the night and just could not sleep ... something was just not right as I struggled to fall asleep during the night. I could hardly wait for the night to be over since I was just uncomfortable,” she added.

The following day, September 15, her phone rang and she heard the voice of an Australia woman with whom her husband worked.“I shouted, ‘Yes I’ in joy as I waited expectantly to hear his voice on the other side of the line,” she said, her voice breaking.However, Mrs. Desiree said the woman’s tone suggested something was wrong.“I said ‘you are calling about Alton?’ … and she said ‘yes.’ ‘Is he alright?’ I asked. ‘I am afraid not,’ she replied. I started to scream ‘My lady, my lady, tell me…’”

The woman the explained to Mrs. Desiree that her husband had gone under the water and his colleagues could not find him.Upon hearing the news, Mrs. Desiree started to shout and collapsed.Even after hearing the news, she hoped the woman would call again with good news. However, the woman called again an hour later saying that Mr. Desiree had been found dead.

Alton has left the island on September 9 for Brazil to continue his assignment after spending time with his family, his wife, Susan Desiree said.

Since the day he left there were no news from him, she added.

The newspaper reported a woman crew of Survivor telephoned Mrs. Alton Desiree September 15 and informed her that her husband had died. Alton Desiree had been instructed to go underwater to fix something of the show.

However, further details of Alton’s death and bibliography will not available on internet in the next 14 days, source said.

Our condolences to Mrs. Desiree. Prayers and thoughts to the Desiree family, the crew and cast of Survivor.

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