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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Send Friendship Day Jokes and Friendship Day E Cards On Friendship Day

Friendship is a gift of God. Some of us are blessed with good friends. But as it happens, these friendships are taken for granted in some cases and not valued. It is similar to a case of two couples. Say one has no child even after many years of marriage and the other has many children, more than they can manage. What do you think? Will the couple with many children value the children as much as the couple which has none? Everything is relative in life. We value what we don't have and give less valuable to what is freely available with us. Friendship is one such relationship. Do friendship fun by sharing funny friendship day jokes and friendship day humor with your friends.

Friendship day is coming nearer. That makes many of us wonder about our friends and our relation with them. Do you need friends? If yes, why? Why do you need friends? You have your work, some family members, and entertainment. What else do you need to live comfortably?

Friends- their value

We need friends because we want to share. We need friends because we need somebody who will be there with us when we fall into bad time. We need friends because we want to enjoy being in a group. We hate loneliness and family alone cannot make us feel in a group. For that we need friends. We need friends, because we want to let somebody know about our deepest thoughts, our ideas, and our real emotions. Only a good friend can help us share all these. Wish your valued friend by sending free friendship day e cards and friendship day greetings.

Love and Friendship

Friendship and love. Both are so much related to each other. And both are so dissimilar! During love, we are attached with a particular person, while in friendship, one may have many friends. A loving relationship makes one so much attached to the other, that one gets pained if his/her beloved is hurt! Love also involves a physical element. Friendship does not have that. This is a vital difference. Nature gives us love so that the specie can go forward. Nature does not give us friendship.

Your heart beats will never increase in anticipation of meeting your friend. You will not lie awake at night thinking about your friend. You will not feel totally lost, if you don’t meet your friend for a few days. You will not have dreams in your eyes thinking about your friend. But in love, you will do all this and much more. Indeed, there is no comparison between love and friendship.

Strengthen your friendship by sending friendship day jokes and friendship day e cards and have fun on this friendship day.

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