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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Google Page Rank Update January 2008 has started!

Google Page Rank Update January 2008 has started! page rank, page rank tool bar, page rank update January 2008,January 2008 Google Toolbar PageRank Update

The Google page rank update is in progress. Google dance 2008 has started and we can expect major PR updates this time too similar to the previous google PR Update 2007.

Many sites have been hit with decreases including some of Google’s own properties (e.g Google Israel went from PR 8 to PR 7).

Many new sites have gained PR (including this one from PR 3 to PR 4), but from what I’ve seen most sites have seen a decrease in Page Rank.Some of my new blogs have gain very good PR. ( is now PR 3 from PR 0, is now PR 2 from PR 0)

Although the Google PR update has started - we can expect to see more changes and some possible waves of adjustments over the next little while. There are dozens and dozens of reports that PageRank scores on the 72.14.25.x data center has been updated.

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