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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Brian Wilson Gets Honored


Tonight is the Kennedy Center Honors on CBS, and Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys finally gets his medal.

In an interview before the ceremony, he discussed his favorite version of "God Only Knows," the "Beatle rivalry" how there will be no more Beach Boys and more.

There was a White House dinner, the ceremony and a chance to mingle with others.

"Itzhak Perlman told me that every 250 years, someone special comes along," Wilson said. "Before, it was Beethoven and now it's me."

At first, Wilson's music was confined to teens - fun stuff to hear while driving cars or watching girls. That has changed, now that his generation is in charge.

One sign came with "California Girls." President Bush, like others in the crowd, clapped and swayed. "He was crying," Wilson said.

That's logical. George W. Bush, 61, grew up in an era with music from Wilson, 65.

So did others. When Wilson's "Love and Mercy" was performed by Libra (a boys' choir), Diana Ross, 63, cried.

She was an honoree, along with Steve Martin, 62; director Martin Scorsese, 65; pianist Leon Fleisher, 79; and Wilson.

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