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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What is your the most popular blog post? Comment and share here!

Today I have thought to write a short post here. This is completely an interactive post. I am inviting all of my blogger friends to come and post their comments here on the most popular post of their blogs. Most popular is in the sense of popularity on the basis of number of comments or page views or hits or as per your best knowledge regarding that post. Don't forget to write your name with the blogger profile link, URL of the most popular post and 2-3 lines of that post. Just copy and paste some text from your post and place the link URL here as comment. This post will be open for all. But one request to all of my friends that please be honest and please try to place a brief, nice description along with the link URL. I hope that we can get some good posts here from my friends of blogosphere. I have already RSS feeds enabled for comments and it 'll no doubt help all of you to get a free back link from my blog.So what are you thinking?Nothing to loose.Please Come forward and don't be shy to write something for your own posts. If you are still undecided on choosing the most popular, then you can place a URL of your own choice here. So hurry, lets share some nice resources right now!

1 comment:

Debajyoti Banerjee said...

Great! Exactly I am looking for these things. Thank you :)I have a plan to write a post with all these comments ditto after a few days. It 'll no doubt be interesting as already I am getting to know variety sort of nice topics.It 'll help others too to get to know about some good resources easily.Thank you all once again.Anyone else wanna share please?