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Friday, October 5, 2007

Things You Don't Know You Can Do on the Internet

Here is a compiled list of things you don’t know you can do on Internet. Hire a private jet online, star in your own reality TV show, or download songs as you drive your car. You can tell your boss the truths without revealing your identity. You can give Google a face-lift, promote your products or your blog, publish a story, write a business plan, scan your PC for spies, and get free tech help. Here is the list of those surprising things that you can do! Credit goes to PCWorld. Link is given at the bottom of the post.

Go Back in Time

Wayback Machine

Give Google a Face-Lift

GoogleX interface

Catch the Early Buzz on Trends


Back Up and Share Music and Videos


Check Your Inbox From Anywhere


Find Uncle Sam's Hidden Files

Project on Government Secrecy, The Memory Hole, and Cryptome

Create Your Own Reality TV Show


Travel by Kayak

Tell the Truth in Secret

Sharpmail's anonymous e-mailer

Blog at Light Speed


Make $$ From Your Site

Google AdSense

LinkShare or Commission Junction

VisionGate or MemberGate

Hardball Times

Lulu Press

Get Tech Help for Free

Tech Support Guy

Hone Your Parenting Skills

About My Kids

Increase Your Web Site's IQ

Become an E-Marketing Mogul

Constant Contact

Never Take Another Boring Business Trip


Compare Cell Plans


Follow Your Money

Where's George

Unmask Spoofed Web Sites


Disinfect Your PC

Panda Software's site

Design Your Own Business Cards


Become a T-Shirt Titan


Charter a Private Jet

Jets International

Shop for the Best Advertising Venue


Hire a Nag

Become a Blog Snob


Get Surreal

random surrealism generator

Take Your Business to the Next Level


Make High School Cool

Virtual High School

Clean Out Your Garage (and Fill It Back Up)


Hire a Virtual Office Manager


Download Tunes While You Drive

Music On Command

Find Out How Much Time You Have Left


Credit: PCWorld


Kimberly said...

According to the death clock... I'm dying a little sooner then I would have hoped... Thanks for the link! ha ;-)

Scarlett Tarjick said...

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Debajyoti Banerjee said...

Thank you friends for your valuable comments.Scarlett has posted a nice information but in my comment, his link is not opening :( Yes rose, the link is not opening. I don't know the reason. I hope that should be Yes Kimber, death clock is really funny :)