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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nicole Atkins-Neptune City

Singer-song writer Nicole Atkins, 27, New Jersey, has taken inspiration from her home that she knows best, for her debut album ‘Neptune City’. "Growing up around here and everything being decrepit, that’s what feels like home," Nicole Atkins explains in this exclusive video.

According to Upstage Magazine, part of Nicole's appeal lies in the contrasts she exudes. If you've heard her music or seen her onstage, and then you meet her in person, it's hard to believe that rich, velvety voice belongs to such a small woman with the girlish, sometimes even giggly, speaking voice. But her winsomeness is balanced with a sense of musical smarts honed by several years of working in the music business before she turned to performing as her true calling. And for someone so talented, she has her feet planted firmly on the ground, and is just about as humble and charming as can be.

As per ACED Magazine, here is the interview with Nicole Atkins:

Q: How would you describe the sound of the new record Neptune City, apart from your previous work?

Nicole Atkins: Well, for Neptune City, I actually had a budget, so instead of getting string sounds off of a mini Casio from the 80s, we had real bona fide instruments. It was also great to be able to work out all the songs and record them live with a big band everyday in a studio, instead of tracking layers in my folks living room bar with my grandfather constantly walking in. more..

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