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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens

Hey friends!!! What do you think?Should I start my first post with a scandal?According to one definition, scandal is deviant behavior. According to the other definition, scandal is a social reaction to deviant behavior.
What did she do? She has sent naked photos taken by a camera phone to her boyfriend and co-star Zac Efron who is now busy in promoting his latest film "Hairspray" TEEN Disney starlet Vanessa Hudgens has been forced to apologise after a nude photo scandal erupted during her visit to Melbourne.A naked photo of the star of smash hit children's movie High School Musical appeared on the internet on Friday. Now there is a question. If you think it deeply, you can get a great marketing strategy. I may be wrong but my analysis reveals only two results. Say, Vanessa did it unwillingly.Still she is in the limelight along with her boyfriend Zac Efron. Zac is now busy in promoting his latest movie Hairspray and this negetive marketing has brought both of him and his new release in limelight. A worldwide free promotion at zero cost!!! Now,if Vanessa did it willingly, then also there is no loss as she has got the full attention of millions of people and her name has been spread across boundaries in the shortest span. This is nothing but a great achievement for a teen starlet! This is not at all a deviant behavior. So better I call it a strategic marketing phenomenon rather than simply a scandal. Knowingly or unknowingly a personal matter has become public. You can have a look at the photo here: Click here

So, what do you say? A scandal or a free publicity?

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