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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Again another hot trend - is it? icarly is the new fan-generated content show from Nickelodion.

The story begins with the popular four characters named Carly,Sam,Freddie and Spencer.Sam took Miss Briggs' head and PhotoDocked it onto a rhinoceros body. Then she put up the pictures all over the school.Carly knew that it might be a problem for Sam as she was already been in lots of trouble in that semester and might be kicked off from school,so being a cool friend of Sam,she took the blame.

As a punishment,Briggs made her come to school on Saturday and made her the in charge of the kid's audition for the school talent show, which was no doubt a very boring task. Freddie was also there to help Carly shooting the auditions.Carly and Sam were joking around in between the auditions and they were making fun of Miss Brigg's pointy boobs.

Freddie shoot the video and he did not inform Carly and Sam on this.
In the mid night, when they went online to see the auditions video for Miss Briggs, they found that Freddie accidentally uploaded a video of them goofing around. they were so mad of Freddie. But the good news was that tons of people commented the video of Carly and Sam and they wanted to see more....Now to show them 'more' ,Freddie,Carly,Sam, Spencer have started their own web show "icarly"

The idea is great. The marketing strategy is no doubt a big hit. A show with the concept of Web 2.0 - user is king, more control to user, more interactivity to user.

The show is hosted by Miranda Cosgrove from the smash WB hit Smallville. The show will incorporate footage from real kids who have submitted videos to the show.

The show also stars Nathan Kress as Carly’s technical advisor, Jennette McCurdy as her best friend along with other actors and actresses like Angelyna Martinez and Colin Spensor.

You can find more information on when and how to submit content at or by clicking here.

Watch the video commercial here


amy said...

can you eat ice crem with spgety.

Anonymous said...

Hi My name is karina and I have a qustun fore you can you eat spgety wial jumping up and down?
From your favaret fane,
karina negron

Anonymous said...

Hi I think your web siet and tv show roukees I watch you every day!I also think that is the most funyest thing to do when you sprade same and the one same thinkes is a neard I think you guyes rooke I hope you make more tv showes to.One more thing can you eat pasta while jumping up and dowen stares?

Anonymous said...

I think ur show iz totally cool i watch it every day cuz itz rocks could u send me ur e mail so i can talk 2 u

Mike said...

Hello! I seen the show. It is very funny even if you are an adult like I am. I added the show to my trivia blog also.

Anonymous said...

su prograamaa ees muuii graaciiosoo