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Monday, September 24, 2007

Google pay per click advertising resources

Today the weather is very stormy here. Heavy rain,water log and thunder storm.As I did not able to go to my office today, I thought, why not sharing some informative resources with you? That's why,this is my third post today :) Hope you will enjoy!
As I have already mentioned on google keyword resources and google page rank resources in my earlier posts, now I am going to discuss on various PPC (pay per click) advertising resources over the internet. Here is the list.

Pay Per Click Advertising Resources

Bid Rank

Pay Per Click Universe

World Submit

Top Position

Pay Per Click Marketer

Pay Per Click Guru

Pay Per Click Bid Veritser

Pay Per Click Services

Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click Success

Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Review & Optimization



Search Engine

Website Keyword Submission

Pixel Groove


Free Stats

Web Linx

Paid Inclusion & PPC

Internet Engine


Online Advertising

Pay Per Click Guide

PPC Management

The IDM Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Analysis

Pay Per Click Money Machine

Pay Per Click Campaign

Internet Marketing

Pay Per Click Book

Search Maestros

Search engine marketing FAQ

Pay Per Click Management Campaign


Search O2

Elixir Systems

Apogee Search

Trace Media Search Marketing

Position Strategy

Search Engines Info

E Traffic Jams

Money Ball Insider

Big Mouth Media

Gate Six

Netizen PPC

Page Traffic

Biz Netix

Best SEO


Aderit Internet Marketing

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