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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another crime - Josie Smith-Malave Former Top Chef Contestant Gay Bashed at Long Island Bar

Another crime. If you are a gay or a lesbian, you are in stake! Surprising. Being a gay or a lesbian, or a straight or a bi, that is completely a personal matter of an individual. But it is fateful if you are badly beaten by a gang of people for being a lesbi or a gay.But it happened.That's just so sad.

Josie Smith-Malave, a Miami woman who competed in Season Two of the Bravo Network reality series “Top Chef,” was beaten as she left a bar in Long Island, N.Y, by a gang of about 10 young adult attackers who yelled anti-gay epithets at her, her lawyer announced Tuesday.

Smith-Malave who is at her early 30, is openly lesbian.Her lawyer says she was among a small group of women asked to leave a New York bar over Labor Day weekend. About 10 young people followed the women out of the bar in Sea Cliff and began screaming anti-gay epithets, spitting on them and then beating them.

According to the New York Daily News, “Kurland said the trouble started when the women went to Partners bar in Sea Cliff over the Labor Day weekend for a drink and began dancing together. Smith-Malave’s sister is straight. Bar employees escorted the women out a side door after other patrons began making nasty remarks and the mood started getting ugly, Kurland said. Kurland said as many as 10 ‘young adults’ followed the women out, circled them, screamed anti-gay slurs, spit on them and then punched and kicked them. A camera belonging to one of them was stolen, she said.

Nassau police said they were investigating, but had made no arrests.” Police is investigating but they have not provided details of the incident.

I don't know the exact reason behind this, but in any case beating someone is just awful!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The tragedy is that is that it wasn't Stephen Aspirino that wasn't beaten.

And it's too bad that the police "is" investigating which is much less likely to be successful that if they "are" investigating.