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Sunday, September 16, 2007

3-Columns new blogger templates in XML

One good news for all of you! Now very easily you can change your two column blogger templates into 3 columns. I was experimenting to have a new 3 columns blogger template for my blog and finally I succeeded to come up with a more compact look and feel of my blog. It was in my head that google-bot likes W3C standard 3 columns simple blogger templates but I was hardly getting time to experiment with this. But in past two days, I have managed that and so I have thought I must share it with you.

But before any changes, please keep in mind to back up your existing XML source. You can do it by clicking the page view source of your blog and save it in notepad or you can go to your blogger account, then go to template and click on the 'edit html' tab. You can directly download the template to your local hard drive or you can just copy the code and paste it in notepad.

Now your next task is to save your existing widgets. If you have already set up widgets and posts, you must take it into consideration to take a back up of all of your widgets. You can do it easily.Just go to 'page element' section, then click on the 'edit' button of the page elements, copy the code and paste it in notepad and name it by the name of that widget for your understanding and future use.Later, you can add those page elements to your blog one by one by just copying & pasting from notepad.

Now here are the new 3 columns templates for new blogger(XML), not for classic blogger. Just download the XML code, copy it and paste it to your blog by going to 'templates'->'edit html'

Now save it and confirm. Then add your meta tags and those widgets as I described above.

Minima Blue

Minima Ochre

Son of Moto



Dots Dark

Tic Tac Blue

Denim Washed{updated}

Denim Light


Thisaway Blue



Sand Dollar




Minima White






Now, you are ready with two sidebars and one main section. If you notice the page element section of your blogger account, you will find the drag and drop facility of page elements. You can easily place your elements as per your choice.Now you have much more space to fit your blog resources. More place to strategize the placing of the elements. I have found these stuffs really worked for me and I hope that you also like it.

Sunday now. I have a plan to come up with some more cool tips for blog optimization, blog submission directories and loads more internet marketing techniques, free affiliate programs for making money online and some latest internet hot trends too :)


Celestial Dweller said...

Hi thanks for sharing this piece of info

Debajyoti Banerjee said...

Thank you celestial for your comment. I hope to come up with more useful information in near future. Keep visiting.